reagan/revolutionary times

By rnovak
  • Period: to

    the french and indian war

    the french and indian war was fought between france and england over lands in the ohio river valley.The British won but had a lot of debt after the war.Britan told the colonist that they would have to pay for the war by taxes. the colonist resisted
  • the stamp act

    the stamp act
    The Stamp Act placed a tax on all paper.The colonist did not like this and said '' no taxation without representation'' .colonist organized a stamp act congress which sent a petition to the king and declared a boycott on british goods that the replealed of the Stamp Act
  • The Tea Act

    The Tea Act
    The Tea Act was not a tax. It was a law passed by british parliment stating that only the easy. india company a british business could sell tea to the 13 colonies. The Boston tea party caused the Intolreable Acts
  • the Intolerable Acts

    the Intolerable Acts
    The British closed the Boston harber and took awat the right of the colony of Massachusetts to govern itself. Britian wanted to force the colonist to pay for the tea dumped in the harbor.The first continental congress estabilished a boycott on all trade with Britian
  • Lexington and concord

    Lexington and concord
    The first shots of the revolutionwas fired here.Known as ''the shots heard round the world'.The Britishwent to lexington to capture the trouble makersand to concordto destoy the colonist military sipplies. Minutemen were ready when the British Redcoats arrived.
  • the battle of Bunker hill

    the battle of Bunker hill
    american troops were forsed to surrender when they ran out of gun powder. The british had many to die in this battle. During the battle the Americans hid behind rocks and trees to fight the British The battle showed the Americans that they would need allies to suppley amunition
  • the battle of saratoga

    the battle of saratoga
    The truning point of the war for the americans patriots. American forses defeted the British in their atempted to split the colonist at the Hudson River . Beacause of this victory the french were willing to enter an alliance with the amerians whitch brought finance and help of the french navy.
  • the battle of cowpens

    the battle of cowpens
    The battle of cowpens is an importnat battle in South Carolina that showed the cooperation of the regular contanintal army and its helpers .The country men led the attack and then fled the ciled tricking the british into thinking the Americans were retreating. Instead the british were lurned to the reagular army where they were defeated.
  • the battle of York town

    the battle of York town
    The finale battle of the war. The french blochded the british ships could not escape surronded by Americans and French forces the british were defeted and surronded.