Siddhartha(obtaining nirvana)

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  • First Step

    First Step
    In order to reach the state of Nirvana you must first leave society and your old life to start a new on that you made of your own. Siddhartha as a child had everyting and when he became a young Braham like his farther he was set to follow in his farthers footsteps along the other rich society members. Siddhartha didnt want to follow in his farthers footsteps and he wanted to follow his own religious path so one night while meditating he told Govind that he wanted to go seek out the samanas.
  • Samanas

    Siddhartha and Govinda(siddharthas best friend) go join the Samanas(wanding priests looking for the right thing in life), Siddhartha gives away his close to a poor brahmin and he fastes for 28 days. Siddhartha learns fast from the samanas and Govinda thinks he will make a good Samana one day. As Siddhartha and his friend hung out with the samans in the woods they learned alot and one day They both wanted to leave as they no longer liked the Samanas so Siddhartha stood up to the old Samana.
  • Gotama

    Siddhartha and Govinda venture to the Gotamas camp to learn his teachings from his own mouth. Siddhartha finds it had to believe Gotamas teachings and one day in the grove when they are alone Siddhartha expresses his views on Gotamas( Budha) teachings and Siddartha couldnt follow his teachings. Govinda plenged his allegence and Siddhartha continued on his pilgrimage to find complete happiness.
  • Awakening

    Siddhartha has finished his teachings through first person experiences. Siddhartha has relized what the world realy is and he relized that he needed to start contributing to the world. He believes his path to Nirvana will not come from following another person’s prescriptive lifestyle. Siddhartha thinks that he should return home but he knows that returning to his farther is part of his past and he is all alone now wondering the world making his life what it is.
  • Kamala

    Siddhartha wanders the world searching for something that he cant grasp and he starts remembering his past his family and friends but he knows he cant go back and realizes what the world really is. Siddhartha heads a ferryman to cross the long river and he gets to the other side of the river and he tells the ferryman he cant pay and the ferryman doesnt mind not being payed as he can see in the future due to the river that siddhartha will pay him back some day. Siddhartha meets kamala in the city
  • Amongst the People

    Amongst the People
    Siddhartha wants to impress Kamala so he decides to go work for an old trader Kamaswami , at first the trader has no interest in him but then he learns that siddhartha can read and write very well. so he hires him and teaches him the trade of the land. Kamala teachers Siddhartha about love though her job as a courtesan. Siddhartha continues to live in kamalas village and working for the trader but he knows that learning about Love is on the right path ot nirvana.
  • Samsara

    As Siddhartha works for Kamaswami he learns the trade of marketing and becames very wealthy. Siddhartha practices the marketing trade for several years and he falls into the trap of it and realizes how it can change a persons life for the worst as too much greed is bad for one man. After a numerios amount of time he realizes he is getting old and that he must continue on with his path to Nirvana. So he leaves the city without telling anyone and Kamala finds out she is pregnant with his child.
  • By the River

    By the River
    Siddhartha returns to the country side and realizes that he has life has been wasted and one day through a dream his soul is steered back onto the right path and when he wakes up Govinda is meditating beside him as he sleeps in the grass and Govinda doesnt realize it is siddhartha his old firend. Govinda tries to tell him he needs Gotma but Siddhartha feels attached to the river in a way he cant explain and he choose not to leave its side.
  • The Ferryman

    The Ferryman
    SInce Siddhartha decided to stay by the river he ended up working for the Ferryman, learning his job slowly. Siddhartha and the ferry man both listen to the river for advice and Siddhartha realizes that the river has alot to say about life. During this time Buddha is dieng and word has gotten through to everyone and people start flocking to the him and they have to use the ferry boat to cross the river. Kamala and her son(doesnt want to go) travel to see the Budha but Kamala doesnt make it.
  • The Son

    The Son
    With Kamala dead, Siddhartha realizes that he has a son, so he decides to take care of him but siddhartha realzies that it is hard because his son is used to living in the rich house with servants. The ferry man tells siddhartha the truth that his son must be left to go back to his life and his son runs off to go back and Siddhartha follows him back to the city realizing his troublesome pass in the city and that he must let his son go so he does. Siddhartha returns to the ferry.
  • OM

    Siddhartha ponders on letting his son walk away from him for days and this hurts him bad and his feelings are down and Siddhartha hears the river as it laughs at him for letting his son bring him down so Siddhartha overcomes his depression and lives on. Siddhartha realizes his fate in the world and his eyes glow with peace and the ferry man departs Siddhartha as his time is up running the ferry and he disapears into the forest leaving Siddhartha to run the ferry.
  • Govinda

    One last time Govinda returns to the Ferry as he has heard of a wise old man that has reached enlighenment there and Govinda doesnt realize it is his old friend Siddhartha. Siddhartha tells him his teachings cant be taught or followed they must be lived thorugh your own life, your own way. Siddhartha has Govinda kiss him on his forehead and he then relizes that him and Siddhartha are not that different from the Budha and that they both have reached the end of the path of niravana.