• Feb 3, 1564


    Shakespeare was born in Stratford apon Avon to tanner John and Mary Shakespeare in there home.
  • Period: Feb 3, 1564 to


  • Feb 3, 1571


    Shakespeare most likely began his formal education. By local tradition children entered the local grammer school at 7 years old.
  • Love.

    William is in love. At 18 he married Anne Hathaway (26 years old) from Shottery at Temple Grafton,
  • First Child!

    First Child!
    Susanna, William and Annes first child was born 5 months after they were married.
  • Twins!

    Shakespere's twins Judith & Hamnet were born. (Hamnet only lived 11 years and Judith lived 77 years.)
  • First Play!

    First Play!
    Shakespeare was beleived by academics to have written his 1st play, Henry VI, part 1.
  • Part II and III

    Part II and III
    (1590-1591) Shakespeare is beleived to have written part II and III of Henry VI.
  • Leaving Home!

    Leaving Home!
    (1585-1592) Shakespeare left his family in Stratford to join a company of actors. He was both a playwright and a performer, starting his career in theater.
  • Start!

    William begins to compose the first of the work that will eventually be the 154 Sonnet collection. His Narrative peoms Venus and Adonis is his first ever published.
  • The Comedy of Errors

    The Comedy of Errors
    William wrote The Comedy of Errors in this time.
  • Busy Year.

    Busy Year.
    1595 was a busy year for Shakespeare, he composed Richrd II and performed it in the very same year. Also Midsummer Night's Dream, thought to be composed for a wedding, and also Romeo abd Juliet.
  • New House.

    New House.
    William buys his new house in one of Stratford's luxury homes. (to some academics show that he was a really successful buisness man and not literatures famous playwright.)
  • Greatest Play.

    Greatest Play.
    (1600-1601) Shakespeare composed his greatest play Hamlet.
  • Off Shore

    Off Shore
    Hamlet and Richard III were performed on the British ship Dragon on the west coast of African and Sierra Leone.
  • Plague.

    The return of the plague forces all playhouses and theatres to close from the spring of 1608 to early 1610.
  • Tour.

    Shakespear's work Othello was performed at Oxford College by the kings men during a summer tour.
  • Tragedy

    The Globe Theatre burns to the ground. The Two Noble Kinsmen is penned A 1634 entry within the Stationer's registry confirms that Shakespeare & John Fletcher composed this play.
  • Opening!

    The globe Theatre reopens.
  • Death!

    William Shakespeare dies, his burial was recorded in the Stratford Holy Church Register 2 days later.
  • Death :(

    Death :(
    Shakespeares wife, Anne died, the same year, and fellow actores John and Henry gather together and publish for the first time, 36 of Shakespeare's 37 plays in a collection called The First Flolio.