Parallel Journeys

  • Period: to


  • Invasion of Holland

    Invasion of Holland
    Germany invades the Netherlands.Helen,Siegfried,and three year old Doris wake up to the sound of German and Dutch planes. Over the next four days the family listens to radio reports of the on-going battles.These events are physical,because the Nazi's physicaly invaded Holand.
  • Preperation

    During Nazi ocupation in Holland Helen and Siegfried started to prepare to go into hiding they gave their belongings to their freind Ab Reusink who sold them and kept the money for Helen and Siegfried for future use.These events are physical,because they physicely gave thier stuff away.
  • Fortune

    To calm a freind's nerves Helen visited a fortune teller.She told Helen that she saw her as a widow. She also told her aman named Max would change her life ,andshe said that during the next week a family member would die.Later that day Siegfried's job was taken over by a man from the German government by a man named Max Who fired Siegfried.these events are physical ,because she went tothe fortune teller.
  • Death of family

    Death of family
    Helen's Mother - in - law commits suicide byusing sleeping pills.She thought that she was to old to start over in a new country.She gave her money for a visa and trip to cuba to Helen and Siegfried to use.She was buried that same day.This was also the date of Pearl Harbor.These events are physical and mental,because Helen's mother - in - law mentaly thought that she was to old to start over in a new country,but she physicaly died.
  • Doris gets new parents

    Doris gets new parents
    Helen and Siegfried ,through the underground and the righteous gentiles, found a couple who would take care of four - year - old Doris while they went into hiding.This would be the last time Doris would ever see her father.The couple that took care of doris later turned out to be the famly of Jo Vis ,a Righteous Gentile. these events are physical ,because Helen and Siegfried physicaly gave doris to the couple.