Cell Theory Timeline

By coro32
  • Jansen

    [Time line of cell theory](<a href='http://library.thinkquest.org/28599/timeline.htm )' ><a
    Costructed the first compound microscope
  • Hooke

    First person to see cells from a plant
  • Redi

    He disproved the theroy of spontanious generation
  • Leeuwenhoek

    He improved the microscope and was the first microbiologist
  • Trembley

    The Father of Biology and the first to study stemcells
  • Wolff

    Wolff Cell Theory He came up with the generalized cell theory
  • Turpin

    He observed cell division
  • Remak

    Discovered that the origin of cells was from the division of previous cells
  • Meyen

    Discovered that each cell forms a independent, isolated whole
  • Brown

    He discovered the nucleus of the celland its importance in fertiliztion
  • Raspail

    He found the second part of the cell theroy that every cell comes from another cell
  • Schwann

    He created the cell theory the cells are the basic units of life
  • Dutrochet

    He discovered cell biology in plants and osmosis
  • Schleiden

    Applied cell theroy to plants
  • Mohl

    Mohl website He described the process mitosis in plant cells
  • Virchow

    He endorses cell division and the roll it [plays in pathology
  • Mendel

    He is known as the father of genetics for tracking genetics in peas
  • Pasteur

    He figured out thatt micro organisms spoil food
  • Schnieder

    He observed chromosomes inside of a cell during cell division
  • Golgi

    Described the exsesence of vesicals in nerve cells