Cell Theory Scientists

  • Jansen

    Built microscope and analyzed cells close up.
  • Redi

    Challenged idea of spontaneous generation.
  • Robert Hooke

    Discovered the Cell as a whole.
  • Leeuwenhoek

    First to spot and analyze a live cell.
  • Trembley

    First to found and experiment develop zoology.
  • Wolff

    Discovered Wolffion.
  • Francois Vincent Raspail

    Discovered Cell Theory.
  • Turpin

    Created Botanical water-color drawings
  • Brown

    Discoverred many cell parts- Nucleus...
  • Remak

    Organized Cells
  • Meyen

    Wrote plant anatomy and cell theory.
  • Schwann

    Discovered multiple cells.
  • Dutrochet

    Osmosis, Respiration...
  • Virchow

    Found Luchemia cells.
  • Schleiden

    Founder of cell theory.
  • Pasteur

    Built classic experiments with flasks and bacteria placement.
  • Mendel

    Improved knowledge of genetics.
  • Mohl

    Anatamy of plant cells.
  • Schneider

    discovered schneider cells
  • Schneider

    Shnidec cells- found the process of cell division.
  • Golgi

    Discovered golgi cells.