Pacific Northwest Timeline

  • George washingotn

    George washingotn
    He was the first president of the united states and was a general in the revouloutinary war he was born in 1732 and died in 1799.
  • James cook& the Pig war

    James cook& the Pig war
    James cook was borm in 1728-and died in 1779.
    He found hawii and help the british.
  • Arthur A denny

    Helped found seattle washington ,If he didnt find seattle there wouldnt be a seattle.
  • The whitman massacre

    what now is walla walla is were the massacre took place.
  • Bertha Landis

    First female to be a executive of seattle . and had a womans club
  • Great Seattle fire

    Great Seattle fire
    The great Seattle fire was started because John e beck was warming up some glue then he spilt it lighting his house on fire and take the life of one small boy ,burning 30 blocks of houses and causing 20 million dollars in repairs
  • Dixie lee Ray

    He was the 17 governer of washington..
  • William Boeing

    William Boeing
    William bowing was the founder, president and chairman of Boeing , he was born on 1881 and died on 1956 . Boeing was founded in 1916.
  • Grand coulee Dam

    Grand coulee Dam
    The Grand coulee Dam was started in 1933 and it was completed in 1980 it has 18 power plants generating the consitant need of power for citys the size of seattle
  • weyehaewer mansion

    weyehaewer mansion
    They have 900,000 buisness wich is giving them 76.2 million dollars a year
  • goerge bush

    goerge bush
    He became president in 2001 and ended in 2008
    He messed up the economy and taxes
  • Bill gates

    Bill gates
    He was the founder of the computer software microsoft and was once the richest man in the world