The Apple Timeline

By dhogan
  • Apple is Founded

    Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak found Apple Computer. It was shown at the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto, California.
  • Apple II

    The Apple II is perhaps the first personal computer in a plastic case with color graphics.
  • The apple II+ introduced

    cost $1195
  • The apple III is released

    at the National Computer Conference for $4340-$7800
  • Apple goes public

    shares rise 32% making 40 employees instant millionaires
  • jobs forces himself into macintosh project

    he often tried to cancel the project before
  • Lisa is declared ready

  • Lisa Starts Selling

    Lisa Starts Selling
    Lisa was a desktop computer for business with a graphical user interface, the computer system most users are familiar with today.
    A year earlier, Jobs was booted from the Lisa project and he started on the Macintosh.
  • Macintosh and lisaII are introduced

    The macintosh was $2495, Lisa 2 $3495
  • jobs resigns

    also announces he is going to make a different company
  • Apple setteles lawsuit against jobs

    Jobs agrees not to hire any Apple employees for 6 months, and to always make computers that are more powerful than anything Apple has to offer
  • Apple Settles lawsuit

  • apple celebrates its 10 birthday

  • Releaces second version of windows

    Version 2.03 seeing as 1.01 was almost unuseable
  • Apple rents space at the Logan landfill

    trashes the remaining 2,700 Lisa models
  • windows 3.0 is released

  • Its official

    The Apple/IBM alliance becomes official. Among the many agreements, Apple and IBM will create PowerPC-based machines and produce two companies, Taligent and Kaleida.
  • Apple settled suit with Apple Corps

    agreeing to pay $26.5 million
  • NeXTstep 3.0 is released

  • Apple licences Power

    Apple liscenses PowerPC ROMs to DayStar Digital, so they can begin creating PPC Upgrade cards.
  • Apple releases the first PCI Mac

  • Apple kills Copland Project

  • Gil Amelio and VP

    President and CEO Gil Amelio and VP Ellen Hancock are forced to resign.
  • Apple announces 150,000 preorders for the iMac

    Apple goes over $40/share, highest stock market price in three years.
  • Apple introduces the iPod

    A palm sized, hard-drive-based digital music player.
  • Microsoft launched Windows XP

  • The iTunes Store opens

    Allows usere to shop for music, movies and TV shows for downloading over the internet
  • Jobs has a successful surgery

    He had surgery and removed a cancerous tomor from his pancreas.
  • The iPod adds video

    now you can watch videos on your iPod
  • Tim Cook is named Apple chief opperating officer

    He was the vice-president since 2002
  • Apple announces the iPhone

    A cellular phone device that has a "virtual" keyboard, it also introduces the Apple TV.
  • Unveils the iPod Touch

    An iPhone without the phone, much like a computer
  • Jobs leaves for health reasons

    COO Cook is the head of the company while he is gone
  • Jobs is Back

    Jobs returns after he recieves a liver transplant
  • iPad

    Apple begins selling th iPad, a 10" touchscreen tablet.