The History of Apple Computers

By sbraun
  • The Beginning

    Steve Jobs is introduced to Steve Woziniak. Jobs was hired at Atari. Woz starts work on what will become the Apple I.
  • The Apple

    Woz asked Hewlett Packard if they were interested in his product and all departments turned him down. Apple computer company is founded by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ron Wayne.
  • Apple II

    Apple Computer , Inc. is officially created. Apple II is publicly introduced.
  • Apple II and Apple III

    The Lisa Project is like the Apple III computer. Apple buys BASIC from Microsoft.
  • Lisa project

    Jobs hires 15 Xerox employees to work on the Lisa project. Apple III is released at the NCC. Apple company goes public.
  • The Macintosh Project

    Job forces himself into the Macintosh Project. The Xerox Star was introduced at the NCC.
  • The Mac case design

    The Mac case design is approved. Job forces Raskin out of the Macintosh project. Lisa is declared ready for market.
  • More about Lisa and Apple II

    Lisa sold for $9,998. Apple II is sold for $1,395. Lisa is released without bundled software for $6,695. Lisa and Macintosh are combined to make the Apple 32 SuperMicro Division. The Apple III is introduced for $2,995. IBM sells 1 million IBM PCs.
  • Macintosh and Lisa II

    $2,495 for the Macintosh. $3,495 for the Lisa II. Apple III is discontinued. Apple IIC wins Industrial Design Excellence Award.
  • Lisa and Mac XL

    Apple renames the Lisa to Lisa 2/10. Apple IIe enchanced introduced. Macintosh XL is discontinued. Apple files suit against Jobs and gets fired. Bill Gates gets to use Mac technology in Windows.
  • NeXT, Inc.

    Jobs sells all shares of stock to begin NeXT, Inc. The Apple IIGS is introduced for $1,000.
  • Lisa 2/10 and Macintosh XL

    Apple renames Lisa 2/10 and Macintosh XL and discontinues all other Lisa configurations.
  • Appple IIC

    The Apple IIC was the last AppleII line.
  • Apple/IBM

    The Apple/IBM alliance becomes official.
  • Motorola

    Apple liscenses the Nac OS to Morotola. Apple buys NeXT, Inc.
  • PowerMac G3

    Jobs gets re-hired as an advisor. Apple releases the PowerMac G3. The Apple Store is introduced.
  • iMac and PowerBook G3

    Apple announces the iMac and the new PowerMac G3
  • New Mac OS X

    Apple released Mac OS X.
  • IMac G4

    Former executive John Couch returns as vice president of education. IMac G4 is invented
  • Itunes

    iTunes Music Store opens
  • Ipod Nano

    Ipod nano is created
  • iMac Core Duo

    iMac Core Duo is created
  • Iphone and ipod touch

    iphone and ipod are created and sold
  • Apps Store

    The app store opens and the Mac book airs.
  • Iphone 3GS

    Iphone 3GS is sold
  • ipad

    Ipad is sold