History of Curriculum Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1524


    Martin Luther
    Voluntary education by family, church, or workplace
  • Old Deluder Satan Act

    Voluntary/Required opportunity for education
  • Compulsory Education

    In all of New England
    Financial support
  • Public Schools

    Horace Mann - Free public school system
    Thomas Jefferson - Key to representative government support
  • Period: to

    French Enlightenment

    Influence on American social activists
    Optimism of intervention replaced by the burden of control and maintenance
  • School Law

    Massachusetts - first general compulsory school law
    Children 8-14 required to attend school 12 weeks/year
  • Control Laws

    Nearly all 32 states had local control laws
    Lack of space for all legally obliged to attend school
  • School Tax

    Laws for state school system and school tax
  • Educational Bodies

  • Period: to

    Bureacratic Professionalism

    Dominance of the theme of bureacratic professionalism and rampart specialization of expertise
    Rise and recognition of special education classrooms with specially trained teachers
  • Compulsory School Attendance

    All schools adopt
  • Period: to

    Universal Schooling

    Is common goal
    Child labor legislation
  • Period: to


    Implementation of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
    Programmatic elaboration came to encompass both place and profession in the context of a mandated and expanded system of public special education
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

    Clear and comprehensive prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disibility.
  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

    Focus is to see every child in America achieve high standards.