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  • The Maine Incident

    The Maine Incident
    The newspaper should shape the public opion and plicy,Hearst pressed for U.S intervention in cuba. feb 15 260 sailors died on the uss Maine April 25 congress declared war on spain
  • Spanish American War

    Spanish American War
    Cuba had long been fighting for their independance from Spain, when the United States decided to intervene and force Spanish rule out of Cuba. The United States agreed once they had successfully overthrown Spanish rule, they would leave Cuba to the rule of its people. The war cost Spain a great deal, including the loss of Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Pacific Island of Guam, and they sold control of the Philippines to the U.S. for $20million.
  • Annexation of Hawaii

    Annexation of Hawaii
    This event took place in Hawaii, and in the United States. Despite the objections of the population of Hawaii, the United States government overthrew their queen, and annexed Hawaii, making it the 50th state.
  • Annexation of the Philippines

    Annexation of the Philippines
    Although president McKinley was at first unable to locate the Philippines on a map within 2000 miles, the United States voted to annex the country. Many people were against the takeover of a foreign nation, but many more were for it. The argument for it was that we needed to expand our commerce with more trading posts, and also we had a duty to help lesser nations.
  • The boxer Rebellion

    The boxer Rebellion
    chinese resentment of foreighn countrys china killes 200 people but chines retreated and had to pay 333 million for damages. It was a bog effect on the us people open our eyes about the chines people.
  • Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty

    Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
    Panamanian leaders began plotting against Colombian officials that were against the building of a canal. Philippe Bunau-Varilla travelled to Washington, D.C., to gain support of the United States government in his attempt for revolution. Roosevelt was more than willing to help, and they took the region over and made Panama an independant nation. The United States gained forever and unending sovereignty over the 10 mile stretch of the canal.
  • Roosevelt Corollary

    Roosevelt Corollary
    An addition to the Monroe Doctrine, written by Theodore Roosevelt. This addition said that as long as the other nations maintain order and don't practice wrongdoing, the United States will stay out of their affairs. However, if not, the United States will, reluctantly, intervene, and excercise an international police power. The U.S. has, since then, intervened in Latin American affairs.
  • Building the Panama Canal

    Building the Panama Canal
    they had 60 giant steam shovel bit into the land digging out nearly 160 trainloads of earth each day. More 43000 workers many recruited from british west indianias built in canal.
  • The Great White Fleet

    The Great White Fleet
    Rosevelt sent 16 ships to sail by japan to target practice to scare them. So they wouldnt start war with us. It scared them so they reralized the us miltarys power.
  • Dollar Diplomacy

    Dollar Diplomacy
    Taft beleave in the us dallar he wanted his people to use banks. It was a easier way to store your money. the us help to improve the bill for the people.
  • Occpation of Veracruz

    Occpation of Veracruz
    Woodrow Wilson received knowledge that a German ship carrying arms for Huerta was heading for Veracruz. He ordered the occupation of Veracruz, and U.S. forces stopped the ship. There was a brief struggle for the city, where 19 marines and over 300 Mexicans were killed.