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  • The Maine Incident

    William Hearst sent an artist into Cuba to create drawing showing Spanish cruelty, to persuade the U.S. to go into war with spain. McKinnely did not want another war to happen. Enrique Dupuy de Lome ridiculed McKinnely as "weak, and a bidder for the admiration of the crowd." They sent the battleship USS Maine out to Havana to protect U.S. lives and property. the Maine blew up killing 260 sailors and the Americans thought the work of the ship was that of an enemy. the Spanish war Began.
  • Spanish American War

    This event took place in Cuba. The Americans saw similar struggles of the Cubans and the American Revolution. The American Media influenced this war greatly by encouraging war with Spain. The Americans moved into the ranks of imperialist world powers.
  • Annexation of Hawaii

    Annexation of Hawaii
    This event happened in Hawaii. Queen Lilioukalani was working to overturn the Bayonet Constitution to return the power to native Hawaiians, and in 1893 she announced she was publishing a new constitution. The U.S. minister of Hawaii ordered marines ashore to protect American lives and property. The U.S. minister acting without authority recognized the new government and said Hawaii was under U.S. protection. The Queen then reluctantly surrendered her throne.
  • Annexation of the Philippines

    Annexation of the Philippines
    This event took place in the Philippines. The Americans got into a very big debate on whether they should annex the Phillipines or not.
  • The Boxer Rebellion

    The event took place in Beijing, China. The United States just sent troops over to China to help rescue them, and after an eight week seige, they international force rescued the foreigners.
  • Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty

    This event took place in Panama. The U.S Army was helping Panama with their revolution. The U.S. Marines prevented Colombian forces from reaching the rebels. Panama was declared an independant nation.
  • Building the Panama Canal

    Building the Panama Canal
    This event took place in Panama. President Roosevelt was responsible for getting the canal built. Although there were harsh working conditons and spreading of diseases, the construction soon resumed. The first passage through the canal was on August 15, 1914.
  • Roosevelt Corollary

    Roosevelt Corollary
    The Roosevelt Corollary was taken place in the U.S, but was practiced in West Africa. The United States role was to pledge to use armed forces to prevent any European country from seizing Dominican territory.The result of this event was to last until 1924, and despite protests, U.S. intervention in Latin America continued.
  • The Great White Fleet

    This event happened in Japan. Japan became a modern world power and a rival to the U.S. for influence in China and the Pacific. Roosevelt decided to remind the Japenese of the U.S. military might. He sent a flet of four destroyers and 16 battleships, painted white, on a 46,000 mile cruise that stopped in the Japanese port of Yokohama.
  • Dollar Diplomacy

    Dollar Diplomacy
    This event was taken place in the U.S. therefore there role was to protect the Latin America and Asia. The result of the event was the U.S. government agreed to help Nicaraguan obtain private loans from American banks.
  • Occupation of Veracruz

    Occupation of Veracruz
    This event was taken place in the U.S., but had a conflict with Veracruz Mexicao, which created the Battle of Veracruz. The U.S relationship to this even was that before the U.S. Congress had the opportunity to approve President Wilson’s request for authority to intervene in Mexico, which the president did so. the result of the occupation of Veracruz was that Wilson issued an immediate order to seize the port's customs office and confiscate the weaponry.