French and Indian War

  • King Louis XIV declared king

    King Louis XIV declared king
    He was the king who had an interest in the new land and tried to establish French colonies.
  • Robert de La Salle Founded Louisiana

    Became a major fortress basing for French in the wars to come.
  • King William's War

    One of the first wars to be fought between French and British colonists in America.
  • Queen Anne's War

    One of the first wars between French and British colonists in America.
  • Utrecht Treaty

    Treaty stating Spanish and French colonists were beating by British and that they should give the British land and trading rights.
  • King George's War

    Showed that the Spanish and British could not get along on peace terms and that war between them was inevitable.
  • Treaty of 1748

    Gave the French back Loiusberg which later becomes a great attacking base for the French.
  • Washington's Fight with the Indians

    Washington's Fight with the Indians
    Washington lead a militia against a small indian group so that they could claim land that was near French territory. It lead the start of the French and Indian war.
  • French and Indian War

    First major war fought on American soil and all around the world and included many countries.
  • Braddock's Fight

    Braddock's Fight
    Braddock went out with his "buckskins" to go anc conquer the Fort Duquesne, but he failed and retreated. It showed that Britian was flawed,
  • Pitt became Leader

    Pitt became Leader
    Gneral Pitt became a governmental leader and was a turning point for th British in that they then easily conquered the French territories.
  • Battle of 1758

    Pitt expeditioned against Louisbourg and won. Was a major victory for the British and enstrengthened them with pride.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    James Wolfe snuck into Quebec and won against the French army led by Marquis de Montcalm. French finally were defeated.
  • Montreal Fell

    No more French colonies in North America. British were now the main rulers of the new land,