French and Indian War

  • Albany Congress

    Albany Congress
    Delegates from seven of the thirteen colonies attended. The congress was intended to keep the Iroquis loyal, as well as create colonial unity and a common defense.
  • Frederick the Great

    In Germany Frederick the Great was able to repell French, Austrian, and Russian armies, and when they outnumbered his. The French wasted so much of their strength fighting in Europe that they were unable to fight with enough force in America.
  • Ohio Valley

    The war was started by George Washington in the Ohio Valley. The conflict continued undeclared for two years and then became the most widely sprread conflict the owrld had seen so far. It was fought in America, Europe, Africa, the West Indies, Phillipines and the ocean.
  • Braddock's Defeat

    Braddock's Defeat
    Braddock set out on an expedition with 2,000 men to capture Fort Duquesne. The men met a French and Indian army a few miles from the fort, who fell back into the woods and fired at Braddock defeating his men.
  • Invasion of Canada

    Invasion of Canada
    The British launced a full scale invasion, and tried to attack a series of exposed wilderness posts simultaneously.
  • William Pitt becomes leader of the London government

    William Pitt becomes leader of the London government
    Pitt chose to stop attacks on the French West Indies, that were destroying the British strength, and concentrated more on Canada. He also chose young energetic leaders instead of cautious old generals.
  • Expedition against Louisbourg

    Expedition against Louisbourg
    The powerful expedition was sent by William Pitt. The fortress only fell to the British after siege. This was first significant BRitish victory of the war.
  • The Battle of Quebec

    This began as a night move by James Wolfe, which ended in a battle between the French and English armies on the Plains of Abraham. The French were defeated, surrendering the city. THis was one of the most significants engagements in British and American history.
  • Montreal falls

    This was the last time the French had control in Canada.
  • Peace Settlement at Paris

    Peace Settlement at Paris
    The French power was removed from North America,leaving a French population in Canada. The French only kept the val;uable sugar islands in the West Indies and two other islets in the Gulf of St.Lawrence. Their land in Mississippi and Louisiana was giving ti the Spanish.