Chapter 14 Timeline

  • Wilmot Proviso

    David Wilmot introduces the Proviso banning slavery in the Mexican cession.
  • Period: to

    The Sectional Crisis

  • Free-Soil

    Party is founded.
  • Zachary Taylor (Whig)

    Elected president, defeating Lewis Cass (dem.) and Martin Van Buren (free-soil).
  • Compromise

    Congress debates sectional issues and enacts Compromis of 1850.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Is published by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
  • Franklin Pierce (democrat)

    Elected president by a large majority over Winfield Scott (whig).
  • Kansas-Nebrask Act

    Passed by Congress repealing the Missouri Compromise.
  • Republican

    Party founded in several northern states.
  • Anti-Nebraska

    Coalations score victories in congressional elections in the North.
  • Know-Nothing

    Party achieves stunning successes in state politics.
  • Kansas Territory

    Free-state and slave-state forces struggle for control of Kansas Territory.
  • Bloody Sumner

    Preston Brooks assaults Charles Sumner on the Senate floor.
  • James Buchanan

    Wins presidency despite stong challenge in the North from John C. Fremont.
  • Bloody Sumner

    Preston Brooks assaults Charles Sumner on the Senate floor.
  • Dred Scott case

    Decision made and slavery is legalized in all territories.
  • Refusal to the Union

    Congress refuses to admit Kansas to Union under the proslavery Lecomption Constitution.
  • The Great Debate

    Lincoln and Douglas debate slavery in Illinois.
  • Harpers Ferry

    Is raided by John Brown who is captured and executed.
  • Speaker struggle

    Fierce struggle takes place over election of a Republican as speaker of the House.
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Republicans nominate Abe Lincoln as president.
  • Democrats split

    Democratic party splits into northern and southern factions with seperate candidates and platforms.