Major Events

  • WWI begins

    WWI begins when the Archduke is killed,
  • WWI ends

    World War I ends
  • Manhattan Project starts

    The research project that developed the first nuclear bomb used was built.
  • death of Hitler

    Adolf Hitler commits suicide with Eva, who he'd been married to for about a day.
  • Bombing of Hiroshima

    The US bombs Hiroshima to win the Cold War.
  • WWII ends

    WWII ends, Cold War competition begins
  • birth of Obama

    Barack Obama, our current President, was born.
  • Apollo 11

    The United States is the first to land on the moon, a Cold War victory for them.
  • Period: to

    First personal computers

    Personal computers were invented and used
  • End of Cold War

    Soviet Union splits up, leaving the United States with the most power.