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Revolutionary War (image by shepherd.edu)

  • Period: to

    French and indian war

    A long, costly, and expensive war between France, and Britain, and their Native American allies. For control over North America. When Britain won the king taxed the colonists, this made the colonists furious.(day and month incorrect)
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    the attempt to repay the Indian allies who helped the king in the French and Indian War. Colonists where not allowed to settle west of the Appalation Mts. Colonists mad from poverty they thought they desereved that land.(day and month incorrect) image by nps.org
  • The Sugar Act

    The act raised the Tariff , the import tax, on sugar 1st tax. Sugar is a major cash crop, raising Tariff makes it less profitable. Sugar farmers get less money than before, angry. (day and month incorrect)
  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act
    The Stamp Act was a tax on all legal documents, and virrtually all paper products. Colonists and English citzens had certain rights, Taxation without Rep. image by cr-cath.pvt.k12.ia.us
  • The Quartering Act

    Colonies now had to house and pay for British troops.personal homes were a last resort.
    1.Cut cost of deploing troops
    2.Protect colonists from Indians
    3.To enforce the Kings Law
  • The Townshend Act

    A tax on all the things colonies import, like lead, paint, paper, glass, and tea. Was supposed to strengthen Britains power over colonies, but the colonists are mad about more money to spend.
  • The Declartory Act

    The act that Parliament has the power to tax the colonies in all cases what so ever. Saying Parliament rules over colonists. Get to tax whatever they want.
  • The Boston Non-Importation Agreement.

    Townshend Act brings protests, like boycotts. Within a year importation dropped fifty percent. The Townshend Act was repealed, but they left the Tea tax it made the most money.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    It was a mob of Bostains harassing Rdcoats.They shot at the colonists, the results were 11 shot 5 dead.Used as major propaganda even though it was not really a masscre at all. The troops were not found guilty (self-defense) image by sonofthesouth.net
  • The Tea Act

    The Tea Act
    THe Townshend Act was repealed, but the Tea tax stayed. It gave the East India Trading Co. control over tea trade in the colonies. Tea was extremly popular colonists were mad. image by alaxanderstreet.typepad.com
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    Sons of Liberty dressed as Mohawk Indians board a EITC ship and throw the tea into the Boston Harbor. People cheer at the sight of it. EITC complain to king, so he repeals act. image by atlasnetwork.org
  • The Intolable or Coercive Acts

    Mar. 31 to Jun. 22 This Act causes the first Continenal Congress.
    5 things
    1. Declares Martial Law
    2. Closes port of Boston until EITC is paided back.
    3. The Quartering Act
    4. Moves trails to England
    5.disbands legislature
  • First Continental Congress

    First Continental Congress
    Sep. 4 to Oct. 16 There were Radicals who want action and moderates that want diplomatic solution. 2 things happened, 1 Boycott on all trade and 2. Declaration of Rights and Grievances (Promised obedience to King and denies Parliaments right to tax the colonists.) image by theson of the south.com
  • Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty , or give me death" speech

    Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty , or give me death" speech
    The speech was said to help convince Virginans to join the cause, which it worked. Famous ending.Said at the Virginia House of Burgesses. image by thelibertyvioce.com
  • Paul Revere and William Dawes 'Midnight Rides"

    Learns through an entricate spy-network that British soliders plan to capture a stokpile of colonial weapons. They warn each village the Redcoats are coming.
  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

    Battles of Lexington and Concord
    Lexington=700 British versus 130 minute men. The first shot of war, called the shot heard around the world. The British chase of miltia, but it bought time for Concord.
    Concord= 700plus colonists rally, by days end 3800colonists join. the Colonists won gets some attention. image by laruelwoodbooks.com
  • Second Continental Congress

    They chose to form a Continental Army with George Washington as the leader. They also autherize paper money to for soliders.
  • Ft. Ticonderoga seized by Ethan Allans and the Green Mt. Boys

    Ft. Ticonderoga seized by Ethan Allans and the Green Mt. Boys
    They captured Fort Tic., had a large supply of artillery guns. They use these guns to drive the British out of Boston. The travel time to Boston was really long. image by cclose.edublog.org
  • Washington named Commander and Cheif of Continental Army & Navy

    Washington named Commander and Cheif of Continental Army & Navy
    Washing ton called because he hadserved as an officer in the French and Indain war. He could also give training to his men and he is also a great leader.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    The Battle of Bunker Hill
    After Miltia seized bunker hill the british attacked with 2,200 soliders.The British won but sustained sserious casulties, had 1,000 dead and wounded compared to 400 dead and wounded.General Warren & Cheldison. Bloody Battle. image by commons.wikimwedia.org
  • British wins the battle of Germantown

    British defenders and Hessians out numbered. The British fought in a house , but it sood standing anyone close was baynetted
  • American forces fail to seize Quebec

    2 days long under Benedict Arnold Americans try to seize Quebec, drive British out of Provenice. It was a multiprong attack, but it was in bad weather and it was bad timing.Led toMontgomery dead &Daniel Morgan captured. Quebec prepared
  • Thomas Paine Publishes Common Sense

    Thomas Paine Publishes Common Sense
    It was a very influential piece. It was sold in America and also England. It placed blame on King Geogre. Sparked the Revolution. Later he wrote american crisis. image from indiana.org
  • British evacuate Boston

    Washington surronded Boston, but no one would give. Then heavy weapons from Fort Tic. arrived British fled with loyalistson ships Colonists win
  • Decalaration of Independence Adopted

    Decalaration of Independence Adopted
    The comitte had Ben Franklin, John Adams, Robert Livingston,Rogers Herman , and the writer Thomas Jefferson.John Hancock wrote sign. first.Most realized the would be hanged if they lost. Declared Indepence. image by civics.pwnet.org
  • Hessian Mercanaries arrive to fight for British

    Hessian Mercanaries arrive to fight for British
    About 9,000 German Hessian mercanaries arrive to help the British win the war. they wore high hats to tell difference. image by westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com
  • British win the battle of Long Island new York.

    the British forced Washington to retreatto New Jersy Washington figured there was going to be an attack.
  • British occupy New York.

    Howe drove off George Washington out of New York. they used ships tod destroy part of city, they held it too
  • Battle of Trenton

    Battle of Trenton
    Washington crossed the Delaware river to attack. the Hessians were caught by suprise early in the morning. Washington captured or killed more than 900, they also gained supplies. image by britishbattles.com
  • Continental Army wins at Princeton

    8 days after Trenton, 17 killed and 200 wouned and missing,victories atract new recruits
  • Marquis de Lafayette arreives in colonies

    Marquis de Lafayette arreives in colonies
    Lafayaette is a 19 yr.old French Nobleman. He would share his mens hardships, he also used his own money. he had powerful influence to people even the King. imag by fusilier.wordpress.com
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Sep 19 to Oct. 17. Americans built fortifacations on a ridge called Benisrienns. Made Buryones armie retreat then surroned them at night and attacked. The British surrendered, this win has European Nations decide to join.
  • British occupy Philadelphia

    General Howe Wanted to defeat and capture Washington.Howe failed in the second part he defeated Washington, but he got away.
  • Valley Forge

    Harsh weather and low supplies from clothes to food. Some citizens helped and delivered personal supplies.In Valley Forge Washingtons army got training from foreign officers. Changed army inexperinced to Professoinal
  • U.S. and France form an offical alliance

    America signs a treaty of alliance against Britain. The French belived in the American cause and they wanted the British defeated.
  • British abanddon Philedelphia to return to N.Y.

    Congress was moved a week before Phildelphias capture. the British had to cross by land because of the French Fleet. When they left the cntinental armie took it back.
  • British capture port of Savannah, Georgia

    They trapped the colonists in Charlestown. 5,000 American defenders surrendered. this was the worst American defeat. (day not correct)
  • Battle of Vincennes/ fort Sackville

    Clark had a small forcehe was going to sackville but then Vincennes got taken. they used scare tactics and made them give up.
  • Spain declares war on Britian

    refusing to reconize American cause for Independence they join a formal alliance against a common enemy, Spain helps with naval
  • Battle of Flamborough head

    The British were escorting a ship with cargo in it and when an enemy of the British spotted them they attacked they boarded the British ship.
  • British capture Charleston, S.C.

    Henry clinton had the port of Savannah and trapped the Americans in. 5,000 defenders had to surrender. Americans almost lost their entire Southren Army
  • First French Troops arrive to help American War effort

    French was a big help Navaly, had warships. the French also had lagre forces of ground troops. General John was a help in Yorktown.
  • Gen. Benedict Arnold commits treason

    Gen. Benedict Arnold commits treason
    Sep. 21--25 He made a big mistake and he married a Loyalist. He planned to turn over a fort to the British, but he got caught before he did the act. He ran away and nobody really knows what happened to him. image by revolutionary-war.net
  • Battle of King Mountain, S.C.

    Surrond 1,000 Loyalist. Miltia men and soliders got slaughtered. One of the first British losses in the south. High death wounded and missing count. Stops British invaision on North Carolina.
  • Articles of Confedration are Adopted.

    Articles of Confedration are Adopted.
    The Disturbution of power
    The National Goverment can wage war and make peace, sign treaties, and issue money. Left most of the power to the States. image by mrkash.com
  • French Fleet drives British out of Chesapeake Bay

    The French Fleet defeats a British Naval force at the mouth of the bay. This is key important because this prevents sea escape at Yorktown.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Battle of Yorktown
    Sep. 28 to Oct. 19 Cornwallis was surroned by all sides by ships and cannons. British were being bombared by attacks and no supplies could reach them. No way out so Cornwallis surrendered
    The last major battle of the war. image by chandlerswatch.com
  • British troops return to Britain

    July 1782 to Nov. 1783 Ships with tens of thousands of Loyalists and soliders leave with a destination of Britain.
  • Treaty of Paris.Ends

    Treaty of Paris.Ends
    Ends war for American Indepence.King George the 3 & Congress sign it in Paris. said New Boundries colonists had to repay debts & give back loyalist land. Britian had to return slaves, no one held it up all the way. image by marylandsar.org
  • U.S. Consitution signed

    U.S. Consitution signed
    The Virginia Plan chosen with the three types of Government. Was signed at the Consitution Convention the two parties were Federalists and anti-fedralists. image by commons.wikimedia.org