Lord of the Nutcracker Men Iain Lawrence Timeline

  • Extra Facts on world war 1

    started in August of1914 and ended in November of 1918!!
  • How It Began

    The war had just begun, and Johnny, a young boy living in London at the time, was very interested in acting it out with his army of nutcracker men. He got them on his 9th birthday. His father, the best toy maker in London, made them for him.
  • Off to War

    They lowered the hight at which you had to be in order to join the army. His dad is jioning the army!
  • First Letter From Dad

    Johnny received his first letter from his dad while he is away. It says that he is having a grand time. He sends Johnny a little Frenchman that he whittled in his spare time.
  • Period: to

    World War 1

  • A New Home

    Johnny's mother decides it would be safer for Johnny elsewhere so he goes to Cliffe to live with Aunt Ivy, his dad's sister.
  • Dad is Off to the Front

    Johnny's dad gets to go to France to fight the war. He is really excited!!! He made Johnny a sergent and a general.
  • Another letter from Dad

    Johnny gets news from his Dad about the war and how close to home it is. every thing is covered in mud from the resent rain storm and now the rain never stops. He gave Johnny a Brithish soldier.
  • Trouble!!!

    Johnny skipped school and his Aunt Ivy found out when his teacher came to his house while he was supposed to be at school.
  • Dearest Johnny

    Another letter from Dad. He is alright, but he is scared and wants johnny to know that he is O.K.
  • Mr. Ruttle's roses

    Johnny ruined Mr. Tuttle's roses that were like his kids to him.
  • The Bonfire

    There was a big bonfire that was there for the boys to born the men that they made into. Johnny made one, and almost got pushed into the fire, but he had fun.
  • Not What He Thought

    Johnny got another letter. It tells him that the front is a harid place and they are barely evev fighting. He sends Johnny another wooden soldier.
  • A Letter From Mom

    johnny gets a letter from his mom. She says there is nothing for women to do unless they are nurses or seamstresses. Last night, guns started shooting in Regent's park and search lights were sweeping across the sky. She thanked her lucky stars that he was in a safe area away from there.
  • A Secret Position

    The most recent letter from Dad hsays that he can got give away his excact location, but he is near the city they all call Wipers,Ypres. The Huns are destroying every thing. He says that soon there will be wanishing bit by bit until there us nothing left but endless rain and mud. The rain doesn't stop falling unless it is coming down as snow or sleet instead. He sends Johnny a sniper, a fellow that stands for hours, watching through a tiny hole. All Johnnny's dad sees is mud and cloudy sky.
  • Lesson with Mr. Tuttle

    Ever sonce Johhny skipped school, he has had extra lessons with Mr. Tuttle. This lesson he learns that Tuttle once had a beautiful wife that died.
    He showed Johnny the roses and says that he will beat the boy that did it. They would spend a year with him, and tend to his roses.
  • Almost Fatherless

    The letter from Johnny's dad was a bit frightening. He went out on an attempted raid on the Huns and was shot at and almost got hit. He laid next to a dead man and stayed as still as possible, and the dead body gave him shelter. They completed the raid and got a Hun prisoner. He sent Johnny another soldier, which was an unpainted figure of someone crawling as if on a raid.
  • Soon There Will Be War

    This Letter had "good' news. There of fighting to the north of them, they can hear the shelling and feel the blasts. The other they heard Fritz marching. Their only company is rats and lice. He sent an ambulance that he carved in all his free time. It is raining again.
  • Mom is Finally Helping the War

    Johnny's mother got a job stuffing artillary shells, which means that she will be working all day with sulphur and cordite. She is happy to be helping the war and getting it over with, even if it means risking her health.
  • A Short Note From Dad

    This letter from his dad is a relly short one compared to the rest of them. He talks about how they were moved back from the very front so they can get some rest. They spent their time repearing the shelled out road and digging new trenches. His best friend got shot and died. he sent Johnny a replica of him just as he remembered him.
  • Sarah's Father Dies

    Sarah,one of Johnny's friends, who he plays with, has a terrible loss. Her father died at war. Her father was a kind man who Johnny had metwhen he was home on leave. He told Johnny how the battle really was and how to set up his men in the right postions.
  • At the Line Again

    The letter is about how they had to raise to the front line so suddenly they didn't even have rtime to grab their guns and when he stuck his head up to see, he saw the Huns, there was so many of them too. The battle that followed wasfast and brutal, full of pain and screams.He sends a little man carved out of a shattered gun carriage.
  • The Letter to Dad

    Well the letter didn't acctually get sent, but this is part of the letter his father wuold have recieved: Dear Dad,
    How are you? I am not fine. Auntie Ivy hit me yesturday just because I said the picture on Mrs. Simm's mantel was a picture of my friend who's a soldier. She hit me so hard I might have chipped a tooth. The marks of her fingers were still there when I went to bed and that was a long time later. She called me a monster....
  • A Touching Letter

    This letter from Johnny's dad was very touching. It was about a dream that he had about Johnny being a grown man. Dad was dead and Johnny was visiting his grave and how proud he was to be Johnny's father.
  • Victory?!!

    rthe postman is going around anouncing a victory in France. The Brithish pushed the Germans back all along the line. Yeah!!
  • Great News

    Dad's letter was full of good news! They had driven the Germans off. But he won't be home for Christmas. He sent a small figure. It looks wierd because his hands were shaking a lot.
  • Presents From the Princess

    The letter says that he got a present from Princess Mary. Well, everybody did. The Huns have a present for them too, an attack and they will be sending 9-puond presents back at them.
  • Tons of Good News From Dad

    This letter tells Johnny that he is no longer in any danger, and he is having a good time watching the clouds and imaginig what they look like. He is as healthy as ever and very well fed and always thinking about Johnny.
  • Fun Times in the Army

    Johnny's dad is having a fun time drinking coffee, playing billards, and playing football and cricket. He was too busy to make johnny a new soldier.
  • More Fun

    There is a picture show and good food for Christmas in the trenches. He sends johnny a soldier dressed in nthe latest fashion.
  • The Celebration Between the Germans and British

    They were singing to each other and they knew there would be no attack on Christmas.
  • The Luckiest Woman in the World

    Johnny's mother claims she is the luckiest woman in thyye world. The other ladies at Woolrich say how bad their children are and think that Johnny is a little angel. She misses him very much and wishes him a Merry Christmas.
  • Merry Christmas Huns!

    The Germans and British shared a Merry Christmas out in no-man's land. They drank German beer and British hot chocolate. They talked and exchanged gifts. It was a merry time.