The Lost Boy

  • In the First Book

    In the First Book
    David, the main character, would constantly take beatings from his mother and his father didn't like it but he felt there was nothing he could do to help the little boy.
  • The Runaway

    The Runaway
    In the cold, dark garage he sits and waits for his mothers next command sitting on his hands to keep warm.
  • The Runaway 2

    The Runaway 2
    The Mother calls for him, yelling at the top of her breath. She starts yelling at him then his father makes a comment telling her she treats David badly. She tells him if he though she treated him badly, he could just walk out the door and leave forever.
  • The Runaway 3

    The Runaway 3
    David decided to take his chance and leave after thinking about it for a minute. He wanted to walk and find his way to a place his family used to go when he was younger, the Russian River in Guerneville. Why? He had no other place to go.
  • The Runaway 4

    The Runaway 4
    As he is walking, he finds himself starving. Eventually, he comes near a Pizza Bar and walks in, thinking he could steal food. A man working there finds him stealing a Quarter on a table and asks what he is doing in the bar and to give the quarter back. The guy gives him some pizza then makes a phone call.
  • The Runaway 5

    The Runaway 5
    David finds out that the man at the bar called the cops. A cop comes in asking what was going on and that he would take David back home because he shouldn't be out on his own.
  • An Angel Named Ms. Gold

    An Angel Named Ms. Gold
    He moved into a temporary fost care home. The foster care lady's name was Aunt Mary.
  • An Angel Named Ms. Gold 2

    An Angel Named Ms. Gold 2
    He got an answer to his prayers. His teacher told David that she would tell the truth about him. The police officer told him that his mother was NEVER going to hurt him again. He met his social worker named Ms. Gold and she was pretty and treated David better than he ever thought he should ever be treated.
  • Trial

    He was going to court against his parent so he would never have to be hurt by them again.
  • Trial 2

    Trial 2
    He won. He no longer had to live with his parents.
  • New Beginnings

    New Beginnings
    He gets in trouble in Aunt Mary's foster home so he gets moved into Lilian Catanze foster home.
  • New Beginnings 2

    New Beginnings 2
    The first time he felt like a normal kid because he was on his own bike that he had gotten fixed because his mother brought it to him broken,
  • Adrift

    He goes to a crazy psychiatrist.
  • The Defiant One

    The Defiant One
    He got blamed for burning down the school while trying to stop the guy who was doing it.
  • Mother's Love

    Mother's Love
    He gets sent to San Mateo County Juvenile Hall.
  • Mother's Love

    Mother's Love
    He gets to go back to Lilian.
  • Estranged

    Gets sent to Alice's foster care home for the night.
  • Estranged 2

    Estranged 2
    Gets sent to Joanne Nulls foster care home to stay for a longer time.
  • Coming Around

    Coming Around
    Stays at the Turnboughs until he turns 18.
  • Resources For Help

    Resources For Help
    Goes into the Air Force.