John Daly

By jammy
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    John Daly

  • Birth

    John Daly was born in Carmichael, California.
  • Drinking, Smoking

    Drinking, Smoking
    John Daly started drinking more heavy then before in order to his special diet to lose weight for the college golf team. He also started smoking, which he, other then drinking, didnt give up yet.
  • Professional

    John Daly becomes Professional Golfer.
  • 1.Marrige

    John marries Dale.
  • PGA Tour

    PGA Tour
    John Daly joins the PGA Tour.
  • PGA Championship

    PGA Championship
    John Daly wins his first Major by winning the PGA Championship near Indianapolis.
  • 2.Marriage

    John marries Bettye, but she turned out to be 10 years older then she pretented and told other lies about her life so the Marriage didnt hold long.
  • B.C. Open

    B.C. Open
    John wins the B,C Open.
  • First Professional Help

    First Professional Help
    John has to get Professional Help because of his drinking problems in order to play the next saison on the PGA Tour.
  • BellSouth Classic

    BellSouth Classic
    John wins the Bell South Classic.
  • 3. Marriage

    3. Marriage
    John marries Paulette and has a daughter with her. He met her on a Golf-Charity-Event where Paulette was the classic model.
  • British Open

    British Open
    John Daly wins his second Major befor he is turning 30 at the British Open at the Old Course od St. Andrews. Only a handful of other Golfers got two Majors before they turned 30,
  • BMW Open

    BMW Open
    John wins the BMW Open Championship in Munich.
  • 4. Marriage

    John Daly is currently married to Sherrie Miller.
  • Little John

    Little John
    His son little John is born.