David h hackworth

Colonel David H. Hackworth

  • Born

  • Joined the army at age 15

  • Fought in Korea

  • After Korea

    After the Korean War, Hackworth attended college and re-entered the Army as a Captain
  • Berlin Crisis

    Posted in Germany and did a number of drills around the Berlin Crisis of 1961
  • First tour in Vietnam

    Deployed to Vietnam as a Major
  • First book

    Co-wrote "The Vietnam Primer"
  • Second Tour in Vietnam

  • Promoted to rank of Colonel

  • Television Interview with ABC

  • New Job offer

    Hackworth became a combat correspondant for Newsweek magazine
  • The Gulf

    Hackworth goes to Kuwait to witness the beginning of the Gulf war and the air campaign that we launched against the Iraqi Army.
  • The Balkans

    Hackworth goes to Bosnia to cover the civil war raging between the Serbs, Croations, and Muslims
  • After Somalia

    Hackworth interviews Army Rangers after the raid on Somalia's capital, Mogadishu. He asked what they thought about the raid and what was it like.
  • Death

    David Hackworth dies of bladder cancer