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  • Hooker Telescope Invented by Hubble

    Hooker Telescope Invented by Hubble
    Edwin Hubble devoted his time in helping with the development of the Hooker Telescope. This telescope was 100 inches and was known as the world's largest telescope.
  • Hubble's discoveries

    Hubble's discoveries
    Hubble used the Hooker telescope he helped invent to make new discoveries from 1922-1923. He looked at the sky and realized that the nebulae were too far to be part of the Milky Way Galaxy. He concluded that there must be other galaxies apart form our galaxy.
  • Alexander Friedmann

    Alexander Friedmann
    Alexander Friemand became the first man to apply general relativity without stabilizing cosmological constants. he derived the expanding galaxy solution to general relativity equations.
  • Friedmann's book

    Friedmann's book
    In 1924 Friedman published his book that talked about how the universe may have a constant negative curvature. He also talked about the Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker universe, which was descrobed by his equation.
  • Hubble changes the word

    Hubble changes the word
    Hubble announced his theory that there are other galaxies in the universe. He also came up with a way of classifying the galaxies which has become known as the Hubble Sequence.
  • Georges Lemaître

    Georges Lemaître
    Georges Lemaître created an expanding universe model. He used this to expalin the redshifts of spiral nebulae and to predict Hubble's Law.
  • Hubbles Equation

    Hubbles Equation
    v=HOD. v represents the recessional velocity if the galaxy and objects that are a far distant away. D is the distance to the object and HO Hubble's constant.
  • "missing mass"

    "missing mass"
    Dark matterIn 1933 Fritz Zwicky was computing the mass of the galaxies. He tried computing the mass a second time in a different way and found that the mass was 400 time larger. He concluded that there it was a "missing mass problem.
  • Coined the "Bing Bang Theory"

    Coined the "Bing Bang  Theory"
    Hoyle was on a radio broadcast and called Lemaitre's theory the "Big Bang Theory." He intended this as an insult but the term stuck and became huge. It is now known as the Big Bang Theory.
  • Einstein's Theory

    Einstein's Theory
    Einstein's Theory of General Relativity was documented in 1968. It concluded that space and time both connected to matter and origin.
  • Cobe

    In 1989 Cobe was sent into space with 3 instruments. One was the DIRBE (the Diffuse InfraRed Experiment), another was the DMR (Differential Microwave Radiometers), and finally the FIRAS (Far-InfaRed Absolute Spectrophotometer).