Anders Celsius Scientist Project

By f1l1f13
  • Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

    Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
    Invented the Faherenheit scale and the Mercury thermometer this replaced in many instances the centigrade scale he was also a devoted physicist
  • Anders Celsius Born

    Anders Celsius Born
    Born in Uppsala Sweden on November 27th 1701 Anders Celsius' father, was a renowned professor of astronomy. His grandparents were a Mathematician and an astronomer respectively.
  • Early Life

    Early Life
    Not much is known about Anders Celsius' early life. It can however be inferred that coming from a highly educated family he was as well. He also likely learned much from his father who was professor of astronomy at Uppsala
  • Uppsala Scientific Society

    Uppsala Scientific Society
    He became the secretary of the Uppsala Scientific Society. The Scientific Society was located at the same University Celsius' father taught at.
  • Professor of Astronomy

    Professor of Astronomy
    In 1730 Celsius became professor of Astronomy at Uppsala. starting in this year he began his travels to study with other Astronomers across europe
  • Publication

    Celsius Published a collection of observation of the nothern lights composed by himself and other notable astronomers of the time period.
  • Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

    Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
    Invented the mercury thermometer. Also developed the Fahrenheit scale which was used in less scientific puposes. Was also a devoted Physisist
  • First Major Scientific Success

    First Major Scientific Success
    Celsuis took measurements that confirmed Issiac Newton's theory that the earth was an ellipsoid rather than the previously accepted sphere.
  • The Uppsala Observatory

    The Uppsala Observatory
    Celsius helped to fund and build a modern observatory the first of its kind in Uppsala. He did so in honor of his grandfathers home observatory.
  • The Centigrade Scale

    The Centigrade Scale
    In 1742 Celsius had proposed a temperature scale where 0 was constantly the temperature at which water boils and 100 the temperature at which water freezes.
  • Death

    Celsius died on April 25th 1744 in Uppsala of Tuberculosis he was working on further scientific pursuits as well as possibly writing on of the first science fiction stories.
  • Lord Kelvin

    Lord Kelvin
    Developed the Kelvin scale which is based on a presence of an absolute 0 this one the main scientific scales currently in use.