10 Natural Disasters in History

  • Sep 20, 1498

    Tsunami Sweeps the Coasts of Japan

    An earthquake with a magnitude of 8.3 causes tidal and tsunami waves along the coasts of Kii and Izu along Japan. This was one of the biggest tsunammi of Japan, leaving 31,000 dead.
  • Ise, Japan is DEstroyed by a Tsunami of Massive Proportions

    An earthquake of over an 8 on the scales caused waves of over 6 meters tall to crash over the shores of Ise, Japan. Unfortunately, around eight thousand people were killed.
  • A Tsunami Sweeps Accross WAshington, Oregon and California

    The Cascadia Earthquake caused a registered tsunami of 9.0 in the early eighteenth century. This was the biggest tsunami to ever be recorded in the United States. Other tsunamis in New Orleans or Florida have failed to record a higher severeness.
  • A Snow Hurricane Destroys Massachusetts in Early America

    A snow hurricane sweeps across and over Massachusetts leaving all of the state's crops dead and the soil tarnished for future use. The snow hurricane actually rolled over the state of MA, then traveled south toward the Carolinas before ending.
  • The Johnsontown Flood of 1889

    A flood occured in Johnsontown, PA after the South Fork Dam failed, leaving 2,220 people dead. This is said to be the most deadliest day in PA in history, after a man-made problem caused destruction.
  • A 73 MPH Tornado Sweeps Across 3 Different States

    A tornado with winds up to seventy three miles per hour swept accross Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. This tornado swept accross three states in a matter of three and a half hours time.
  • The Yellow River of China Floods Leaving Millions Dead

    The Yellow River in China floods leaving 3 million people dead, the biggest in the world.
  • The Great Earthquake of Alaska Strikes Hard

    An earthquake that recorded a magnitutde of 9.2 shook the core of Alaska in the nineteen sixties. This earthquake lasted nearly four minutes, and was caused by the motion of the Pacific plate about five to seven centimeters.
  • Hurricane Katrina Leaves New Orleans Destroyed

    1,833 people died during Hurricane Katrina in the city of New Orleans. The hurricane originally formed over the Bahamas, then worked its way northeast to N.O.
  • Tropical Storm Cristobal Hits in 2014

    A tsunami strikes the Carribean with winds up to 50 miles per hour just two days ago. Twelve inches of rain was recorded along and on the islands, being the most recent natural disaster recorded.