10 events leading to the civil war

  • Congress

    Congress reaches the compromise of 1850 , admitting california as a free state and passing the fugitive slave act .
  • Compromise 1850 (Henry Clay )

    Compromise 1850 (Henry Clay )
    Gold discovered in California
  • 1852

    Harriet Beecher Stowe publishes Uncle Tom's Cabin, A novel about slave life
  • by the end

    Republican groups operating in states across the north
  • The Deal

    The Deal
    If the south goes along with northern route the missouri Comprmise line will be erased .
  • May 1854

    May 1854
    Kansas-Nebraska Act becomes law .
  • Republician Party Starts

    Republician Party Starts
    Combined Freesoilers, Whigs,&Know-Nothings to form 1st Antislavery party
  • May 21, 1856

    May 21, 1856
    Proslavery group attacks antislavery stronghold of lawrence, Kansas
  • House Divided Speech

    House Divided Speech
    Senate 1858- These debates introduced L. to America. He lost but was popular
  • october 1859

    october 1859
    John Brown seizes the federal arsenal at harpers ferry Virginia