Ben zhang

Zen Bhang Defying All Odds

  • Birth of a Legend

    Birth of a Legend
    Born in London, this ninja kid was a prodigy from the start.
  • First Words of Wisdom

    First Words of Wisdom
    At the ripe old age of 1, Zen offers us his first words: "Simplify."
  • The Kid in the Canada Jacket

    The Kid in the Canada Jacket
    For Christmas at age 2, Zen Bhang was gifted a beautifully stitched, finely woven, handcrafted Canada Hockey jacket. The jacket had a profound effect on the young ninja, and to this day it goes with him everywhere.
  • First Halloween Costume

    First Halloween Costume
    Zen's father, Chenhao dresses him as a ninja for his first Halloween outing. It is simple and cost efficient since he doesn't need a costume.
  • Crime Fighting Toddler

    Crime Fighting Toddler
    London --- At just four years old, Zen uses his advanced knowledge of everything and ninja techniques to thwart the evil Karrrl's attempt to destroy Big Ben.
  • School Days

    School Days
    Zen Bhang calculates the mass of Saturn by its gravitational pull on the Earth in 5th grade at Boyce Middle School.
  • First Pay Check From Mark Pi's

    First Pay Check From Mark Pi's
    Zen receives his first under the table cash pay check in cash from Mark Pi's Chinagate, defying child labor laws in the US. He makes a wild $10 an hour --- all under the table.
  • Responsible Citizen

    Responsible Citizen
    Zen Bhang begins his annual participation in Teens for Education on Raptor Attack Safety for the protection of his friends and neighbors, on National Velociraptor Awareness Day (4/18).
  • Legal Citizen (But Not Really)

    Legal Citizen (But Not Really)
    Zen Bhang turns 18 and attempts to register to vote (although all political candidates will most likely disgust him). He then remembers that while he is a citizen of Canada, England, and China, he is not a citizen of the US; therefore, he cannot vote and should probably be deported.
  • Achieving Political Fulfillment

    Achieving Political Fulfillment
    Zen Bhang reaches the age of 35 and attempts to run for President. He then remembers that while he is a citizen of Canada, England, and China, he is STILL not a citizen of the US and is bewildered that he hasn't yet been deported.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Nobel Peace Prize
    Zen is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for extraordinary work in training young ninjas (as well as dragons) to use their powers and abilities for good, productive means and to be benefits to society.
  • Major Film Star

    Major Film Star
    Zen Bhang makes a million (under the table) in his first feature film. He stars as Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid IX, (in English and Chinese), displaying his superior ninja talents and stonefaced acting skills.
  • Tragic Death

    Tragic Death
    A moderately peaceful heart attack claims Zen Bhang in his sleep after the Senators lose the Stanley Cup Finals for the 50th year straight, and our favorite ninja leaves us on Pi Day at the age of 99.