zack gs 1970s time line

By coinguy
  • Period: to

    the 70s

  • the beatles break up

    paul mcartney officially anounces that he will no longer be recording withthe band. the beatles never released an album of the four singers ever again. paul mcartney still performed solo in the future.
  • apollo 13 blows up in space

    this was the sucesful failure. the astronauts went up and their oxygen tanks blew up in the midst of space. they sucessfully lived and made it around the moon and back to earth to live another day.
  • first earth day

    this was placed in order to focus atleast one day a year to recycling. this is a holiday that would carry on for atleast the next 30 years, still celebrating in 2011 and so on.
  • epa forms

    they put the very first earth day into legal order, and protect the enviorment today, and for the rest of time itself
  • kent state shootings

    this is when the ohio national guard, opened fire on a pewaceful rally of students protesting the my lei massacare, this left 4 dead, and nine injured
  • man of the year

    man of year 1970 willy brandt
  • president

    richard nixon
  • record of the year

    Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In,"
  • world series

    Baltimore d. Cincinnati (4-1)
  • floppy discs emerge on usa

    they were the first flash drives, to carry portable files from opne computer to another.
  • answan dam is completed

    this is the first time the egyptains got electrical powewr, so they could cool them selves in the scorching summer sun
  • palestanians hijack five planes

    in 1970, the same year the world trade center was cxompleted, five airplanes were hijacked by palestanian airmen. this happened in munich germany, even leading to the death of a terrorist
  • cigarette ads banned from tv

    cigarette ads banned from all televisions, because it was influencing the wrong people to smoke. so the law took affect on the first day of 1971
  • invasion laos

    nixon decided he was going to allow the invasion of laos and blow up the ho chi mihn trail. they went and used agent orange, and napalm as well to blow up the ho chi mihn trail
  • bangladesh concert

    this was a benifit concert for bangladesh. this was for the cyclone in bangladesh
  • london bridge brought to usa

    the united states buys the original london bridge from 1820. and sets it on the colorado river on lake havasu. it still is there today, i was on that bridge last year.
  • direct dial

    this was the first time that a direct call happened with no operator to tell where the call had to be transmitted through
  • china joins un

    in 1970 the chinese joined the un, then in 1971 they became a part of the security council with usa, russia, china, england, and france
  • amtrack introduced

    this was a faster ytrsion an d cou;d get m,=ore people more laces even faster. it was introduced in 1971. then it is still used by thousands of people to get rom place to place every day.
  • vcrr is introduced

    in 1971 the very fiorst version of the vcr recirder an player was introduced. they lasted uintil about 2002
  • man of year

    richard nixon
  • president

    richard nixon
  • record of the year

    bridge over troubled water
  • world series

    Pittsburgh d. Baltimore (4-3)
  • mr.elliot graduates from high school in connecticut

    he graduated and got married in 1975, and in 1978 he managed to go to california and spend all of his mkoney. in the time from then to now, he has been to abbey road, and has been a awsome teacher to us all.
  • attica state prison riots

    in 1971 the prisoners at attica state prison rioted to get bvetter living conditions ion the prison
  • disney world opens

    disnry world opened for the first time in 1971 adn the people were initmidated to go and spend lots of money on the nations first reat amazinfg ammusement park. the park is still open today and is in full order and has not yet been destroyed aby a hurricane.
  • the pentagon papers released

    this is when we did study in vietnam and had been secretly studying the vietnamise from ww2 or 1945 to 1967.
  • end of gold standard

    in 1971 president nixon took us off the gold standard, and made all currency fiat currency which is money changes in value everyday.
  • db cooper hijacks a plane

    db coooper hijacked a plane very polite and demanded 200000 dollars in unmarked 20$ dollar bills. he showed that he had bombs in his suitcase and he also demanded two parrachutes so that hew could jump off the palne into the forests northern washington. he has not been foubd to this very day
  • micro processor is introduced

    in 1971, in the month of november, the company intell introduced the worlds first micro chip. this chnaged the world forever in the name of technology
  • M.A.S.H. was aired for the first time

    the show masgh was introduced for the very first time leading up to be a very good shpow even still aring today
  • hbo

    the home box office was founded in 1972, this was the first time people could watch movies on a movie channel. THEY COULD FINALLY WATCH MOVIES AND HAVE HOMEW ENTERTAINMENT.
  • man of year

    richard nixon and kissinger
  • president

    richard nixon
  • record of the year

    It's Too Late
  • world series

    Oakland A's d. Cincinnati (4-3)

    sir george wallacew was campaigning for an american officew, and the man was shot but not killed while campaigning for the office of the governor of georgia.
  • the watergate scandal

    the watergate scandal was when president nixon had sent two agents to the watergater business center and told them to steal and aquire the democrats secrets and plans to win the election. the two agents were arrested and meanwhile the vice president agnew was found guilty of fraud, nixon has to pick a new vice president and he decides to pick on gerald ford. then when the police find out that nixon had a large roll in the scandal, nixon resigns from presidency before found guilty and immpeached.
  • title ix gets signed into law

    this forces government payments to stop discriminating against homosexualls in financial aid. because it is their life decision and they are forced to get paid less is wrong. so they do not get paid less, nixon signed this bill into law
  • furman v georgia

    this was a superior court case that incolved the issue of the death penalty. in my opinion the death penallty shold absolutely exist. in the case of osama bin laden, i do not care what anybody says he needed! to die
  • pocket calculators

    they were released by texas instrum ents and are still iused today, they are cool from both eras but they were erealeased in 73 but invented in 72
  • ssi

    ssi was introduced to the people who age over 65 years of age, or are physically disabled. this is a part of the social security act
  • kkk riots in the central park

    kk riioters take place in new york. they kill 3 people in the act. this was a bad thing in the history. because not only were theuy only one of the most racist groups of the nation but they were also murderers.
  • mark spitz wins 7 gold medals

    mark spitz was a person who went to the 1972 olympics in munich germany. this olympics was ionvaded by palestanian terrorists and killed 11 israeli athletes
  • munich massacare

    this is the tradgic day when the palastanian terrorists came
  • the wars act

    this was the authorization for the invasion of laos to go in and destroy the ho chi mihn trail. many americans were out raged by this deathly attack of a bystander country.
  • richard nixon visits china and the ussr

    nixon decides to visit the ussr and cxhina in the month of december 1972. this is the firsty time a president has ever been to china. especially commuinist china.
  • last lunar landing

    the last man has walked on the moon. this is the last time nasa has traveled to the moon. there are plans to go back to the moon. but not ntil atleast 2012.
  • world trade center is completed

    at this time it was the two tallest buildings in the world. they sadly got hit by palestanian planes and taken down in 2001
  • abortion is legalized

    abotion has been legalized in the united states because of the supreme cout case of roe v wade. the case is what made the act abortion of babies in the usa!
  • usa pulls out of vietnam

    the combat forces stationed in vietnam were pulled out in the month of march 1973
  • opec doubles the price of oil

    opec keeps the price of oil then doubles it saying "this is how things go with war" and they doubled it making americans angry. but now we pray to see those prices again.
  • upc barcodes come to usa

    this is the first time people were able to buy a item and not have to punch in the numbers every time someone bought something. they could to automated stocking reports and keep track of how many items they sold automatically.
  • paul getty

    the kidnappers took him hostage in rome and cut off his right ear and sent it to his mother to prove that they took her son and demanded one million dollars ransom for the release of her son
  • sears tower built

    the tallest building in the world is the sears tower. this was built in 1973 beating the height of the world trade center. to this date it is still the tallest building in the world. over 12000 people work at the sears tower.
  • man of year

    Judge John J. Sirica
  • president

    richard nixon
  • record of the year

    "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,"
  • world series

    Oakland A's d. NY Mets (4-3)
  • vice president agnew resigns

    the vice president agnew, was found guilty of the crime tax evasion. he cheated on his taxes and was prosecuted. he resigns and nixon decides to pick gerald ford as vice president . later on becoming a horible president
  • war powers act

    this gave the go ahead to invade laos in the vietnam war, to destroy and disable the ho chi mihn trail in cambodia and laos during the vietnam war.
  • endangered species act

    the endangered species act is signed into law by richard nixon late in the year. this enabled endangered species to be noticed and protected by the government
  • patty hearst kidnapped

    Symbionese Liberation Army men decide to break into the appartment patty was staying at and break in and kidnap her. she eventually joined the sla, erventually being killed at a shootout over a bank robbery in los angeles
  • little leauge allows girls to play

    in 1974 the little leauge softball team let girls to play in the leauge. this was the first time girls were really allowed to play in sports. besides the olympics
  • gerald ford pardons nixon

    the new president gerald ford decides to pardon nixon for his crimes and is happy of his decision. nixon then decides to reply to this by saying i had the crimes coming but thanks to my pal gerald im off the hook.
  • national speed limit

    in 1974 the national speed limit became 55 miles an hour. this was to ensure that all of the roads had the same speed. it has changed since then.
  • time man of year

    king faisal
  • world series winner

    oakland a's
  • President(s)

    Richard Nixon
    Gerald Ford
  • record of the year

    "Killing Me Softly With His Song,"
  • man of the year

    Judge John J. Sirica
  • nixon resigns

    richard nixon resigns after being found guilty of the watergate scandal. he resigns before being found gulty of his crimes. then gerald ford becomes president, and gerald pardons nixon of his crime for watergate. the country was enraged by this
  • fall of saigon

    in 1975 the last us personel came out of vietnam, and they let no vietnamise come along. they all were left, and ho chi mihn took over and to this day vietnam is a communist country.
  • record of the year

    olivia newton john-----i really truely love you
  • Microsoft Founded

    microsoft company is founded and it is still active today running new programs windows and many other fancy technologies. this is the company of the future. it has and will keep pleasing people
  • Computerized Supermarket checkouts begin to appear

    the first computer checkouts appear. this is an automatic and way quicker way to checkout at the grocery store. it hasd all the items and totals them automatically
  • • Catalytic convertors introduced on cars

    this was a good thing for big work trucks and diesel fueled trucks, bnut this was very bad for the enviorment. these parts are still used today
  • man of year 1975

    american women
  • president

    gerald ford
  • president

    gerald ford
  • world series

    Cincinnati d. Boston Red Sox (4-3)
  • Arthur Ashe First Black Man to Win Wimbledon

    this is the worlds biggest tennis tounament held anualy. the first black woman to win it was in 1957, and this is the first black man to win the ultimate showdown of tennis
  • • Jimmy Hoffa disappears

    he dissapeared and was never seen again. they declared him dead july 30 1981. this was the last time anyone had heard from this man
  • President Ford assassination attempts (2)

    he was in sacramento california and was shot at. this was probably because he pardoned richard nixon, who was guilty of watergate.
  • • President Ford assassination attempts (1)

    he was hot at and it hit a wall slightly above his head and he was saved but the bullet had hit a taxi driver who was slightly injured.
  • francisco franco dies

    the fashist leader of spain dies of old age in 1975. this was a sad time for spain. but they were a faschist country and so we did not dislike them
  • Apple Computer launched

    the apple company camr out with its very first old old computer. the company which today makes i pods and other small and most technologically advanced items of this age.
  • • Betamax VCR’s released

    this was the new kind of vcr which was just another one that played video tapes
  • West Point admits women

    this was the first time that the west point university in new york admitted women into their college. this was a breaking event in the state of new york
  • man of year 1976

    jimmy carter
  • record of the year

    "Love Will Keep Us Together,"
  • world series

    Cincinnati d. NY Yankees (4-0)
  • • Karen Ann Quinlan

    she was a stupid person for doing drugs. she killed herself, by putting her in the hospital after being in a coma her parents said they could end her life. the hospital said no and legal battles were fought and the parents won, but they didnt take her off and she lived for another ten years before she died of pnemonia
  • • Nadia Comaneci Given Seven Perfect Tens

    this was the first time a male or female had gotten a perfect 10 in a gymnastics event. not only that but get 7 perfect tens at only 14 years of age. this was a young age to be in the olympics
  • • North and South Vietnam Join to Form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

    vietnam totally becomes communist. the north vietnamise had come down into saigon and taken it over and turned north and south bietnam into the socialist republic of vietnam
  • Entebbe Air Raid

    this was a part of the conflict that lay between the israelis and the terrorists. they had the fight in the night and the israeis won the batlle or the ai raid of entebbe
  • • Legionnaire’s disease

    it was first seen in a hotel in 1976, the people that were attending the leigons confrence in 1876 were the first to get the disease. 29 people died from this disease and over 200 people were infeced by the disease. it has spurted up in the years since then also
  • • Mao Tse-tung dies

    the first communist leader in china dies of a heart attack. mao led china from 1945 to 1976 when he finally died. this country among others are still Communist.
  • • President Carter pardons Vietnam Draft Dodgers

    the president jimmy carter pardons all of the draft dodgers of the vietnam war. chhech in cheech and chong was a draft dodger. he was pardoned by jimmy carter and he was able to do public comedy shows with chong
  • • Miniseries Roots Airs

    this is a show about the cruel life of slaves who were captured from africa and taken to the united states for slavery and it shows how the slaves were treated and how they were discrimminated against back in the 1800s
  • Red Dye #2 is banned

    this dye was banned because it caused cancer in the smallest dosages. it may make the food better but it caused cancer in all of the soviet test subjects
  • Janelle Commissiong first black miss universe

    this was the first african decent woman to win miss universe. the miss universe winner was from the dominican republic.
  • man of year

    anwar sadat
  • president

    gerald ford
  • record of the year

    "This Masquerade,"
  • world series

    NY Yankees d. LA Dodgers (4-2)
  • Star Wars Movie Released

    the best movie ever was released, obi wan is killed by darth vader wo is anikin skywalker oh wait luke is his son!!! luke gets his arm chopped off by his dad!!!
  • Alaskan Pipeline completed

    this was a oil drill line. this is when the ooil is extravigated from the ground and sent down a trail. to get to the oil gatherer. then when all of the oil is gone, it will be removed by law.
  • • Neutron bomb funding began

    the funding to up the soviets had begun with the project of building the neutron bomb. this bomb would never be used in war but it was worse than the h bomb which had a atom bomb as the fuse
  • • New York City blackout

    the power went out in the city of new york. it was a blank black dark space of the united states. this led to extreme acts of arson and looting. many stores were looted in nyc because of the black out
  • • Elvis Found Dead

    the king of all time music had died. he lived a long life eventually realeasing hundreds of records many of them being gold and platinum. my favorite elvis sons are in the ghetto and kentucky rain and hound dog also the dont be cruel song. he ended up killing himself and he od and commited suicide
  • 1978 man of year

    Teng Hsiao-P'ing
  • president

    jimmy carter
  • record of the year

    "Hotel California,"
  • world series

    NY Yankees d. LA Dodgers (4-2)
  • • Atlantic City permits gambling

    at 10 am the governor cut the ribbon and opened the first casino for business. the first bet was by a singer, he lost ten dollars on the craps table
  • first test tube baby

    the first test tube baby is born at the dolham district hospital weighing in at just over 5lbs. it was a sucess
  • • Love Canal in New York declared federal disaster

    toxic waste dumped in niagra falls is claimed a natural disaster. thus jimmy carter decies to send aid to the people living abouve the falls near the waste from the fourties
  • Camp David accords for Middle East Peace

    egypt and israel sat together and talked things out with each other, came to negotiations with each other , they were finally worked out at the white house, jimmy carter as their witness, and egypt and israel made a peace treaty, aka the camp david accords
  • John Paul II Becomes Pope

    my mother met john paul the second. a really weird but cool thing happened. a lady was asystole on a heart monitor. When everone surrounding her placed their hands on her and she came back to life. also 3 people had gone into labor while the pope was preaching
    my mom is blessed by the pope
  • • Jonestown Massacre

    909 people died of cionide poisoning, jim jones led a cult and he told everyone to drink a liquid which he had poisoned, and killed everyone, a few of his followers escaped the madness, but almost all of them died.
  • • Ayatollah Khomeini Returns as Leader of Iran

    this man takes controll of iran even taking 66 americans hostage. thus letting them go when regan came into office, he made his triumph return to the country of iran after 14 years in exile. nearly 5000000 people witnissed his return to iran
  • three mile island

    three mile island nuclear accident happened before chernobyl in 1979, chenobyl happened in 1986, anyway three mile island was the first time a major nuclear accident had happened on united states soil. it was near Middletown Pennsilvania
  • man of year

    Ayatullah Khomeini
  • • Margaret Thatcher First Woman Prime Minister of Great Britain

    this was the first time a woman had become a prime minister in england or anywhere in the entire world. this is the first woman in a leading office besides the queen of england or any other queen.
  • • ESPN starts broadcasting

    espn starts its broadcasting of sports and other things, it showed games, explained games showed all things to do with sports
  • president

    jimmy carter
  • record of the year

    "Just the Way You Are,"
  • world series

    Pittsburgh d. Baltimore (4-3)
  • • Sony Introduces the Walkman

    techniccally being the first technical cd player, nevertheless the first mp3 player. accept you had to change out the songs, it was the start of portable music players, which to this day are still proving to be awesome
  • • Iran Takes American Hostages in Tehran

    iran takes 52 american hostages. and releases them in 1981, 21 january. the hostage situation happened for 444 days.
  • • The Greensboro Massacre

    the nazis and the kkk stopped communist black people trying to rally for workers commune. so the nazis and the kkk killed 5 of the communists, this is just weird...hmm
  • • Jerry Falwell begins Moral Majority

    he came up with a new belief that was against homosexuals and he blamed them for the september 11 attacks and the worlds problems