The History of Xbox

  • The original Xbox

    When the first Xbox came out it was a very big deal and everyone wanted one for an early Christmas gift that year, I know my father and uncle did. Also, at a price tag of 300 dollars which was a lot of money back then, it still had people lined up just waiting for the store to open to buy one along with the Xbox exclusive video game Halo.
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    Xbox Live

    Just one year after the Xbox came out, they introduced Xbox Live. This feature was a real game changer pun intended but it aloud people the play games with people across the county and in other counties. It also helped to advance the multiplayer game mode so even after you were done with the campaign or story mode section of the game there was a whole new part but would change a little every match because you are playing with real people.
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    The Xbox 360

    Just like the first Xbox the Xbox 360 was a must have that year for gamers, with faster speeds, better graphics, wireless controls and a digital store to buy games, movies, and tv shows on it quickly became part of the home entertainment systems in most households. With all of these advancements the games also got better like the franchise Call of Duty and Halo to the point that Xbox would sell limited editions of Xboxes with different designed that have become highly collectible.
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    The Red Ring of Death

    The red ring of death had the Xbox community extremely scared that there Xbox would get it and become useless. However according to Spiegel (2014), “The problem happened to more than a few unlucky users. In July of 2007, Xbox producer Microsoft Corp. told analysts in a conference call that it was taking a $1 billion-plus charge against earnings to extend the warrantee on all Xbox 360 consoles because of an "unacceptable number or repairs."” (para.2).
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    The Xbox One

    Same with the first two Xboxes the Xbox One was highly anticipated and everyone wanted one. With a bigger hard drive and faster processing power, according to Brightman (2013), “the company stressed that Xbox One has "the computational power of more than 10 Xbox 360 consoles," and that "the cloud brings infinite additional processing power."” (para. 1). With these digital games become more popular and you didn’t have to worry about your games getting dirty or lost and saved space on your selves.
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    The Xbox X

    The Xbox X was a major milestone for Xbox because it allowed for people on the Xbox One and the Xbox X to play together in multiplayer. Also, one of the other features that was a great hit with the community was forward compatibility and it allow people that did not want to upgrade to the next model gave them the ability to buy Xbox X games on the Xbox One and play them with people on the Xbox X.