Iwo jima

WWII Timeline

  • Period: to

    World War Two

  • Blitzkrieg

  • Soviets invade Finland

    Soviets invade Finland
  • Germany invades Netherlands and Luxembourg

  • Germany and Italy invade France

  • Kristallnact

  • Holocaust

    A systematic murder of 11 million people across Europe, more than half of whom were jews.
  • Concentration Camps

    Concentration Camps
    Concentration camps were used to hold people, mainly jews, in a contained area.
  • Axis Powers

  • Lend-Lease

  • Atlantic Charter

  • Industrial Responce

  • A. Phillip Randolph

  • Interment of Japanese

  • Stalin transforms Soviet Union

    Stalin transforms Soviet Union
  • Valdimire Lenin dies

    Valdimire Lenin dies
    some of lenin's idea'sfirst leader of the communist party
  • Benito Mussolini +fascism

    Benito Mussolini +fascism
    fascism= a system of government lead by a dictator in complete power
  • Kellog-Briand Pact

    Also call the Pact of Paris it outlawed war. It also stirved to keep out of Europe's fighting.
  • Adolf Hitler takes power

    Adolf Hitler takes power
    Hitler's first speechStarts the nazi party
  • Troop build up in Rhineland

    Troop build up in Rhineland
  • U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt elected president

    U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt elected president
    F.D.R. was elected president and servered as president during World War II
  • Winston Churchill declares war on Germany

    Winston Churchill declares war on Germany
    Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of Great Britain during the war.
  • Quarantine Speech

    The quarantine speechF.D.R. give a saying that people from "hostle nations" had to go to special interment camps for the duration of the war.
  • Munich Pact

  • Neville Chamberlain signs the munich pact

    Neville Chamberlain signs the munich pact
    Peace with Honor.
  • Leader of Spain Francisco Franco

    Leader of Spain Francisco Franco
  • Neutrality Acts

    neutrality actsThe U.S. states that they won't get involved in the war.
  • Nonaggression pact

    Nonaggression pact
    nonaggresiive pact.The pact stated that Germany and the Soviet Union would not attack each other
  • The election of 1940

    The election of 1940
    FDR ran for reelection againest Wendell Willkie. FDR won over Wilkie.
  • Germany invades Denmark and Norway

    Germany invades Denmark and Norway
    Hitler launched a surprize invasion of denmark and norway. Germany said this action was necessary in order to "protect [those countries'] freedom and independance"
  • Hideki Tojo

    Hideki Tojo
    A militiant general who became the new prime minister of japan propsed to the emperor a "peace talk" with the united states, but on the day it was supposed to happen the prime minister ordered the Japanese navy to atack the U.S.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    F.D.R.'s famous speechJapanese bombers attack pearl harbor
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad
    German forces invaded Russia in an attempt to stamp out the resistance. after some of the biggest battles in the war, Russia pushed back the German forces.
  • Women's Auxiliary Army Corps

    Women's Auxiliary Army Corps
    Congress signed a bill saying women could be in the armys reserved forces.
  • D-Day

    The U.S. land on the beaches of Normandy to start their campain againest the axis powers. This was well portrayed in the beginning scene of Saving Private Ryan
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    Hitler's counter offense againest the allies desighned to push the Americans back. The Americans were pushed into a bulge of troops and were able to withstand the German attack.
  • Troop build up in Ethiopia

    Troop build up in Ethiopia
  • German troops march into Austria

  • Battle of Britain

  • Selective Service

  • War Plans

  • Battle of the Atlantic

    Battle of the Atlantic
  • North African Front

  • Italian Campaign

  • Unconditional Surrender

    V-E Day
  • Philippines, Corregidor, Douglas MacArthur

  • Battle of the Coral Sea

  • Battle of Midway

  • Guadalcanal

  • Battle of Leyte Gulf kamikazes

  • Battle of Iwo Jima

  • Harry Truman becomes president

  • Battle of Okinawa

  • The Manhattan Project

    The Manhattan Project
    Scientistbegan working on an atomic weapon to end the war.
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Yalta

  • Potsdam

  • Nuremberg War Trails

    guiltyA series of trials that prosecuted nazis. 12 of the 22 defendants were sent to death, and most of the rest were sent to prison. In later trials 200 more nazis were found of war crimes.