WWII 1944-45

By Elijahf
  • Allies Attack Italy

    The Allies set a series of attacks in Italy against the line of Monte Cossino, and they attempted to outflank it with landings of Anzio. By the end of January a major Soviet offensive expelled German Armies from the Leningrad Region, this ended the longest siege in history.
  • Hungary Might leave the axis

    After Hungary threatens to leave the axis Germany occupies and compel the regent.
  • Soviet Offensive

    The Soviet offensive was halted by German Forces. This slowed Soviet operations in the Baltic Sea. By late may 1944 the Soviets had liberated Crimea.
  • British Bomb Kolhn

    British Bomb Kolhn bringing the war home to Germany for the first time.
  • Allies liberate Rome

    Allied troops liberate Rome. Within six weeks, Anglo-American bombers could hit targets in eastern Germany for the first time.
  • Allies on Normandy Beach

    British and US troops successfully land on the Normandy beaches of France, opening a “Second Front” against the Germans.
  • Soviet Launches major offensive

    The Soviets launch a massive offensive in eastern Byelorussia (Belarus), destroying the German Army Group Center and driving westward to the Vistula River across from Warsaw in central Poland by August 1.
  • Finland Leaves Axis

    Finland concludes an armistice with the Soviet Union, leaving the Axis partnership.
  • Germany Loses territory

    After the war the Germans lost all pre-war territory that they had in 1937.
  • Partisans capture Zagreb

    Partisan units, led by Yugoslav Communist leader Josip Tito, capture Zagreb and topple the Ustasa regime. The top Ustasa leaders flee to Italy and Austria.
  • Hitler Commits Suicide

    Hitler commits suicide
  • Germany Surrenders

    Germany surrenders to the western Allies
  • Atomic Bomb

    The United States drops an atomic bomb on Hiroshima
  • Japan Surrenders

    After the atomic bomb Japan finally Surrendered.
  • Allies establish a occupation administration

    The Allies established an occupation administration on Germany and Austria.