By ghada
  • Ribbentrop/Molotov Pact

    Ribbentrop/Molotov Pact
    It is a treaty between the Nazi Government and Germany. Its a treaty where each country doesn't ally or aid other countries when it comes to war. A German-Soviet Pact where in a signatory bond was signed not to attack each other. It was later became invalid because of Hitlers attack to the Soviet Allies.
  • Germans invasion of Poland

    Germans invasion of Poland
    The German troops decided to attack poland and throw a bomb to the polish airfields while the German U-boats attacked the polish in the baltic sea.Hitler wanted more land for Germany and to enslave the native slavs.It divided Poland because the west&central part of the country went to the nazis while the east to soviets.Poland got destroyed as it was a battleground and gave the Nazi Regime the opportunity to exterminate millions of poles.
  • German blitzkrieg

    German blitzkrieg
    Blitzkrieg is a German word in which translates to "lightning war"; it's a military tactic to attack in short time.The tactic was tested on Poland in 1939 and then applied used in 1940. Germany wanted to avoid long war so they attacked in short periods of time. They successfully used their tactics on Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Yugoslavia and Greece. They did not defeat Britain. After using this tactic it resulted in many new land gain and expansion of German rule
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    When Germany lead by Hitler invaded the USSR violating the non aggression treaty. Germany wanted to conquer the soviet territory. Germany was so unprepared they under estimated their enemy. The weather was too harsh on germans so they got defeated. The operation Barbarossa failed, and Nazi faced a two-front war. Germany could not win. This was the turning point of the USSR.
  • Baatan death

    Baatan death
    It happened in Bataan, Philippines when Japanese coquered the Philippines. They captured 12,00 Americans and the rest are philipinos. Japanese militaries had bestowed aristrocity to the prisoners. Some are beheaded and shot along the road, died of hunger and lack of water. They are being punished along the road. It was a 60 mile journey. Many died and did not make it.
  • Battle of midway

    Battle of midway
    The Battle at Midway Is one of the US Victories against Japan. While the Americans lose only Yorktown, Japan loses four aircrafts during these battle. American once again gained victory against Japanese militaries during the World War II.
  • Pearl harbor

    Pearl harbor
    Japan attacked the US in Pearl Harbor in the US territory of Hawaii. They invaded Pearl Harbor to stop the unnecessary interference of U.S. President in the internal affairs of Japan.This attack lead to the US entry of WW2. Japanese won the Attack on Pearl Harbor. They used a new tactic and a great plan which was successful as they earned victory.
  • Manhattan project

    Manhattan project
    the Manhattan Project was a project conducted by ALBERT Einstein, and Enrico Fermi led by the US. This project produced the first atomic bomb.On July 16, 1945, at New Mexico. This was the start of the Nuclear age. They bombed new Mexico to test if it was successful.
  • Operation gommorah

    Operation gommorah
    It was started by British bombing the German. Britain was having their revenge with regard to the German raiding their country in July. British raid the Germans by bombing with their aircrafts. They used "window strips" to confuse the German Radar. With these loses from the German government was severe. Burned-out cities was visible, people cry of desperation can be heard. People encourage Hitler for defeat.
  • Allied invasion of Italy

    Allied invasion of Italy
    The Italian government secretly agrees to the Allies' terms for surrender. Mussolini wanted to build Italy into a new Roman Empire. The Italian government agreed to surrender.
  • D-day

    D-Day is the day that the allied powers crossed the English channel and landed on the beaches of Normandy, France. Hitler and his armies had control of most mainlands in Europe, the Allies knew that a successful invasion of the continent was central to winning war.
  • Operation thunderclap

    Operation thunderclap
    The plan envisaged a massive attack on Berlin in the belief that would cause 220,000 casualties with 110,000 killed, many of them key German personnel, which would shatter German morale. However, it was later decided that the plan was unlikely to work. Early in 1945, the Allies' political-military leadership started to consider how they might aid the Soviets by using a strategic bomber force. The plan was to bomb Berlin (and several other eastern cities in conjunction with the Soviet advance).
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    Hitler wanted to divide the allied aries in northeast Europe.He used Blitzkrieg tactic to win over the US.The US army wasnt ready for war as it was a sudden attack from Germany.The US fought their hardest and tried to protect their land.The German army wanted Hitlers approval and attacked in order to cut through the allied forces.In result the US army lost alot of their money while Germany lost many weapons.Lastly the US won the battle.
  • Battle of Iwa Jima

    Battle of Iwa Jima
    America decided to do a first strike to the Japanese.US marine divisions landed into Iwa Jima and since Japan wasnt prepared for battle at the time,America won within just a month.Therefore america owned the land of Iwa Jima after the battle.They needed that land so that American soldiers would back up the bombing operation.In result the Japanese lost one of their air bases to the Americans.It was a great advantage to the US.
  • Battle of okinawa

    Battle of okinawa
    It was the biggest land/water capable arriving in the Pacific theater of WWII. The catch of Okinawa was a piece of a three-point arrange the Americans had for winning the war in the Far East. Okinawa was to demonstrate a bleeding fight even by the norms of the war in the Far East however it was to be one of the real battle of WW2. The battle's effect was The Americans and associates as a rule acknowledged Japan would not surrender effectively and they confronted a long and bleeding battle ahead.
  • VE day

    VE day
    Great Britain and the US observe Victory in Europe Day. May 8 spelled the day when German troops all through Europe at last set out their arms: In Prague, Germans surrendered to their Soviet adversaries, after the last had lost more than 8,000 warriors, and the Germans impressively more. The German surrender was acknowledged in a last truce. The effects of the VE Day is that the genuine surrender of Germany was marked at Rheims on May 7 and sanctioned at Berlin on May 8, and a triumph in Europe
  • japanese invasion on china

    japanese invasion on china
    The Japanese decided to invade China because of the Marco Polo incident which resulted in the second sino japanese war on 1937.The reason of the invasion is cause Japan wanted more territory and land because they thought China was weak.
  • VJ day

    VJ day
    This day is when japan marked their last day in WWII,its basically when they lost.They have been won over by the US president Truman.Japan signed the postdam declaration.Japan finally surrendered and the US threw 2 nuclear bombs on them therefore japan signed the declaration. of britian/vjday/
  • Dropping of the atomic bombs

    Dropping of the atomic bombs
    President Harry S. Truman, warned by some of his advisers to not invade Japan will result in horrific American casualties, ordered that the new weapon be used to bring the war to a speedy end. The American bomber Enola Gay dropped a 5 ton bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.