World War 2

By KylieT.
  • Japan Invades China

    Japan Invades China
    It started with the attack on Manchuria and continued in 1937 with the brutal attack on china.
  • Period: to

    World War II

  • Rape of Nanking

    Rape of Nanking
    Was a mass rape by Japaneese Troops against the residents of Nanking the capital of the Republic of China. This massacre occured over a period of six weeks. They killed 40,000 to 300,000 chineese civilians and disarmed combatants.
  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany Invades Poland
    German Forces bombarded Poland on land and from the air. They did Extensive bombing to destroy enimy's air capacity, Rail roads, Communicaton lines, and munition dumps.
  • Battle of the Atlantic

    Battle of the Atlantic
    Defeated by Germany. Longest continuous military campaign. A bunch of german armed boats went after Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Navy, and Allied merchant shipping.
  • Fall of Paris

    Fall of Paris
    Parisains were woke up by a german voice giving them a curfew for 8 p.m. that evening so German troops could enter and occupy Paris.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    Operation Barbarossa was code name for Nazi Germany invasion of the soviet union. ABout four million soldiers of Axis powers invaded Soviet Russia. It was the largest invasion in history of warfare.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    It was a suprise attack from the Japaneese Navy. It was intended as a preventative action to keep U.S. Pacific from interferring with military actions. But the Attack just led to the United States entery into World War 2.
  • Battle of Wake Island

    Battle of Wake Island
    Began with the Attack on Pearl harbor and ended on December 23, 1941 with the surrender of American Forces to the Empire of Japan.
  • Wannsee Conference

    Wannsee Conference
  • Bataan Death March

    Bataan Death March
    After April 9, 1942 the surrender of the Bataan Peninsula on the main Philippine island. 75000 Filipino and American troops were force to do a 65-mile march to the prison camps. Thy did it in intense heat and had harsh treatment from the japaneese gurads. Thousands were parished.
  • Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway
    Was a crucial and desisive naval battle in the pacific theatre.
  • Battle of Guadalcanal

    Battle of Guadalcanal
    Was the first major battle to be offensive and was a desisive victory for the allies.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad
    was a major battle and Nazi Germany and allies fought the Soviet Union for Stalingrad (city) in Southern Russia.
  • Battle of El Alamein

    Battle of El Alamein
    Marked the culmination of ww2 North African campaign between the british empire and the german-italian army.
  • Operation Torch

    Operation Torch
    Brtish-American invaion French North Africa During North African Campagin.
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

    Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
    Jewish-Ghetto occupied Warsaw, Poland started an armed revolt against deportation to extermination camps.
  • Allied Invasion of Italy

    Allied Invasion of Italy
    After 38 days of fighting the U.S. and Great brtain chased out the Germans and Italian troops from sicily. and prepared to assault the italian mainland.
  • Battle of Monte Cassino

    Battle of Monte Cassino
    On Feburary 17, 1944 Americans dropped 1,400 tons of high explosives. The defences of Monte Cassino and Gustav were assulted 4 times by Allied Troops.
  • D-Day

    156000 Americans, British, and canadian forces landed on 5 different beaches along a 50-mile stretch and invaded France's and Normandies region.
  • Liberation of Concentration Camps

    Liberation of Concentration Camps
    Encountered tens of thousands of Concentration camp prisioners, Some camps set fire to burn some of the proof of the camps.
  • Operation Market Garden

    Operation Market Garden
    unsuccesful allied military operation fought in Netherlands and Germany Largest Airborne operation up til now.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    Major german offense campaign launched in fensley forested Ardeenes region.
  • Battle of Iwo Jima

    Battle of Iwo Jima
    Major battle. American Armed forces landed and captured the island o fIwo Jima from Japaneese Army
  • Battle of Okinawa

    Battle of Okinawa
    The last and biggest battle on the Pacific islands. Japan had lost more then 77,000 soldiers and the allies had suffered 65,000 casualties and 14,000 people were dead.
  • VE Day

    VE Day
    people celebrated this day because Germany was defeated it became known as VE Day standing for Victory in Europe Day.
  • Potsdam Declaration

    Potsdam Declaration
    This document was issued on july 26, 1945. That outlined the terms of surrender for Empire of Japan.
  • Atomic Bomb Is Dropped

    Atomic Bomb Is Dropped
    United states dropped an atomic bomb on Japaneese city of Hiroshima. It marked the end of world war 2 for Japan. Some Americans believe this started the cold war.
  • V-J Day

    V-J Day
    Japan had surrendered it took place on the U.S.S . Missouri anchored in Tokyo Bay.
  • Nuremberg Trails

    Nuremberg Trails
    Series of 13 trials the defendents for the nazi party officials were Charged with crime.