• Germany's Anschluss With Austria

    Germany's Anschluss With Austria
    -Hitler wanted Austria
    -A lot like Germany
    -Marched his troops into Austria with no opposition from any other country
  • Munich Pact

    Munich Pact
    -Hitler demanded he got Sudetenland
    -okayed by Britain and France
    -Neville Chamberlain thought he was preventing war
  • Germany's annexation of Sudetenland

    Germany's annexation of Sudetenland
    -mountains formed main defense
    -wanted land's natural resources
  • Hitler's annexation of Czechoslovakia

    Hitler's annexation of Czechoslovakia
    -wanted Czechoslovakia in order to give German's more space to live in
    -originally a part of germany, so he thought he should get his rightful land back
  • Nazi-Soviet Union Non-Aggression Pact

    Nazi-Soviet Union Non-Aggression Pact
    -Between Stalin and Hitler
    -Germany and Russia committed to never attack each other
    -signed another secret pact agreeing to split Poland between each other
  • Germany's Invasion of Poland

    Germany's Invasion of Poland
    German airforce/tanks took over in the morning
    -Used "blitzkrieg" war style
    -lightening war
    -quick surprises and crushed the opposing forces with overwhelming them
  • The Phony War

    The Phony War
    -Britain and France watched Germany to see what would happen
    -Called the "sitting war"
    -Phony War because no one was fighting, just staring at each other waiting for the other to make the first attack
    -nothing ever happened
  • The Miracle at Dunkirk

    The Miracle at Dunkirk
    -Evacuation of allied soldiers from Dunkirk's beaches and harbors
    -also known as evacuation
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    -Germany's goal was to completely take control over the sky (with airforce)
    -destroy Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF)
    -Hitler had 2600 planes he was able to use
    -2000 were used in one day
    -RAF was able to fight back
    -figured out germany's flight paths with radar
    -shot down 185 German planes, Britain only lost 26 planes
  • Fall of France

    Fall of France
    -Germans trapped 400,000 British and French soldiers
    -Italy entered war on Germany's side
    -Invaded France from south
    -Germany invaded from north
    -France surrendered