WWI Propaganda Posters

  • The Great War Begins

    The Great War Begins
    What would become known as the Great War or World War I began in Europe.
  • Period: to

    World War I (The Great War)

  • USA Joins the Great War

    USA Joins the Great War
    After remaining neutral for the first years of the war, the US declared war, joining the allied forces.
  • I Want YOU

    I Want YOU
    James Montgomery Flagg's famous patriotic depiction of American government - Uncle Sam - recruiting soldiers.
  • Wake Up America Day

    Wake Up America Day
    America had remained neutral in the war until April 6th of 1917 when President Willson and the U.S. Congress made a declaration of war. This poster calls for the American people to get on board with the war efforts.
  • Join the Marines!

    Join the Marines!
    While many posters appeal to sense of duty, patriotism, or opposition to evil, this poster promises adventure and travel to new recruits.
  • Be A Man And Do It!

    Be A Man And Do It!
    Yet another way to persuade men to join the armed forces was used here - an oppotunity to prove their manhood!
  • World War I - Bonds

    World War I - Bonds
    This poster encourages people to make a financial sacrifice to preserve liberty. The idea is that this is a small price to pay for continued freedom!
  • Warning!

    The critical need for excellent work is proclaimed in graphic detail that would be hard for workers to ignore.
  • Red Cross

    Red Cross
    This poster creates a powerful emotional response using the visuals of a young woman clinging to the American flag with the capitol in the background. The words of Woodrow Willson summon women to join the Red Cross.
  • Our Boys Need Sox

    Our Boys Need Sox
    The Red Cross tells everyone to pitch in and do their duty to support American soldiers.
  • Savings Stamps

    Savings Stamps
    During WWI, women in America couldn't fight with a gun over seas. However, this poster told them they could still fight for their country by buying savings stamps to support the war effort.
  • Tell That to The Marines

    Tell That to The Marines
    This recruitment poster depicts the enemy as evil killers of women and children encouraging decent men to join the Marines.
  • Armistice Day

    Armistice Day
    Germany surrendered and the Great War finally came to a conclusion.