• How it was started.

    How it was started.
    World War 1 was triggered by the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife. website: www.historyonthenet.com
  • When Australia entered.

    When Australia entered.
    Australia entered WW1 with the British empire. website: worldatwar.net
  • The Navy

    The Navy
    The British Empire withdrew their naval mission from turkey. website: www.anzacsite.gov.vic
  • Turkish fleet

    Turkish fleet
    The turkish fleet bombarded the russian black sea ports of Odessa, Sebastapol and Feodosia. website: www.anzacsite.gov.vic
  • british war ships

    british war ships
    British war ships were ordered to open fire on turkish forts that were guarding the enterance to the dardanelles. website: www.anzacsite.gove.au
  • Russians vs Turkish

    Russians vs Turkish
    The Russians defeated the large Turkish army in the Caucasus at sarikamish. The battle was fought in temptures of 30 degrees below 0 and more than 30000 Turkish soliders froze to death. website: www.anzacsite.gov.vic
  • British bombardment

    British bombardment
    The British warships began a naval bombardment of the outer forts of the Dardanelles but very little damage was done. website: www.anzacsite.gov.vic
  • Bombardment 2

    Bombardment 2
    British warships resumed bombardment with the outter forts. They had more success. website: www.anzacsite.gov.vic
  • mainland battle

    Royal marines were landed at Turkish forts at kum kale on the mainland.
  • more bombarding

    more bombarding
    British warships bombarded kilid bahr and fort dardanos with little result. website www.anzacsite.gov.vic
  • building battleships

    building battleships
    more that 200 ships were built in preperation for the british and french invasion on turkey. website: anzacsite.gov.vic
  • War ends

    War ends
    The war ended after a treaty was signed. website: yahoo answers