• Jan 27, 1520

    Shah Abbas is born!

    Shah Abbas is born!
    -Shah Abbas was the 3rd son of Shah Muhammed, born in January of 1520 in Herat, Afghanistan.
  • Nov 2, 1581

    Became ruler of Khorasan

    Became ruler of Khorasan
    -was declared ruler because his father was sickly
    -he was about 10 years old at this time
    -he became ruler in the midst of anarchy
  • Gained the power of the Persian thrown

    Gained the power of the Persian thrown
    -18 when he gained this power
    -He rebelled against his father to get this position
    -Did it by imprisoning him
    -He did it because he was fed up with always losing to the Ottomen because his fathers army-the Qizilbash army-at that point was "defective" and they weren't very succeful
  • Shah Abbas signs for peace

    Shah Abbas signs for peace
    -After many long battles Shah Abbas decided to sign for peace with the Ottomen
    -Within this peace treaty included large sections of west and northwest Persia for land
    -Since the Ottomen were no longer necessarily enemies, Shah redirected his attention to the other enemy-the Uzbeks
  • (continued signed peace treaty with Ottomen)

    (continued signed peace treaty with Ottomen)
    -It took a year for the peace treaty to be completed
  • Abbah regains Mashhad

    Abbah regains Mashhad
    -he finally defeated the Uzbeks
    -the battle was a struggle but they won in the end
    -the battle even was fought over the Oxus River (an important river to the greeks that dates back thousands of years which is presently name the Amu Darya)
  • Abbas gains again!

    Abbas gains again!
    -even still towards the end of the battle, Abbas gained the homage of the provinces on the southern Caspian Sea
    <----gained the territory because he took advantage of the fact that Ivan the Terrible died (also known as the Prince of Moscow)
  • Rollercoaster with the Ottomen

    Rollercoaster with the Ottomen
    -Abbas now launches a campaign against the Ottomen
  • Abbas succeds!

    Abbas succeds!
    -Abbas then wins the first victory against them
    -forcing them to give back the teritory
    -you can bet they were upset because they also had to include Bagdhad with giving back the territories
  • New rebellion for Abbas

    New rebellion for Abbas
    -Abbas was a successful man when it came to killings (if you want to consider that being "successful")
    -Abbas killed more than 60,000 Georgians
    -then deported about 100,000 in Tblisi after his rebellion
  • His success lives on!

    His success lives on!
    -With the help from the British fleet, Abbas seized the island of Hormuz form the Portuguese
    -Then, Abbas expanded commercial links
    -He expanded the commmercial links with the English East India company and the Dutch East India company
  • End to a successor

    End to a successor
    -Abbas the great died in Mazandaran
    -He was one of the greatest and most successul rulers to the Safavid dynsaty
    -He was so successful he overcame the Persian borders of the pre-Islam times
    -Unfortunately, he still looks like a jerk because his success was shadowed by the fact that he still betrated his family to a point that was proved with numerous "counts" of tyranny and cruelty to his family
    -Which is even a little more upsetting is the fact that he killed his own son