wsr28shah jahan

By 212702
  • born

    was born in lahore india
    his origanl name was khurrm
  • Period: to

    wsr28shah jahan

  • marraige

    married Arjumand Banu Begum when he was in his middle teens. Five years later he married her and gave her the name of "Mumtaz Mahal".
  • took over throne

    took over throne
    his father Jahangir passed away leaving him with a very powerful and rich empire at the time
  • Mumtaz Mahal death

    Mumtaz Mahal death
    while giving birth to their 14th child mumtaz mahal died
  • begin building taj mahal

    begin building taj mahal
    after his third wife passed away he wanted to build a memorial for her to rest in peace inside (basicaly a tomb)
  • moved capital

    moved capital
    Shah Jahan moved his capital from Agra to a city in Delhi known as Shahjahanabad many of the works/architects that worked on the capital also worked on the famus taj mahal
  • red fort palace

    red  fort palace
    built a new cityn on the banks of the Yamuna river it is known as the red for palace
  • became sick

    became sick
    his younger son killed his brother and imprisoned his his father so that he could cake over the throne. he was held in the red fort which was one of the buildings he had built but he was able to see the taj mahal
  • completed taj mahal

    completed taj mahal
    he had secsusfully built a momrial for his best wife Mumtaz Mahal it is now were she lies to day it also was the built in the capitail of india for many years
  • died

    passed away well in prisioned by his son with his eyse on the taj mahal were he was buried next to his wife