WSR 19 Auranzeb

  • Birth of Auranzeb

    Birth of Auranzeb
    Sixth born overall and third son of the family. Father was Shah Jahan and mother was Mumtaz Mahal. Full name was Abul Muzaffar Muhy-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb
  • Aurangzeb held hostage

    Aurangzeb held hostage
    His father lead an unsuccessful rebellion in 1626. Aurangzeb and his brother, Dara Shikoh, were sent as hostages to his Grandfathers court. He lived in Lashore while he was held hostage
  • Aurangzeb Returns

    Aurangzeb Returns
    Shah Jahan was officially named Mughal Emperor. Aurangzeb returned with his brother to live with his parents in Agra. He spent his allowance on the study of religion and history.
  • Aurangzeb Escapes Death

    Aurangzeb Escapes Death
    He narrowly escaped death during an elephant fight. He was given the title Bahadur by his father. He was weighed in gold and presented gifts
  • Aurangzeb given more Control

    Aurangzeb given more Control
    Given control of first 10,000 horses. Also was given control of 4000 troopers. He also was allowed to use the Red Tent, an imperial prerogative.
  • Aurangzeb 16 year old commander

    Aurangzeb 16 year old commander
    Commanded 10,000 troops in the Bundela War. He was escorted by an additional 1000 horses and archers each. He was made commander in cheif and had to stay in the back of pack and listen to his generals.
  • Aurangzeb leaves the Emperor

    Aurangzeb leaves the Emperor
    He took a formal leave from the emperor to take a new position of Viceroy to the Deccan. During his time here he built a new city which he named Aurangabad. The location of the city was near the former old capital Khirki.
  • Aurangzeb father is displeased

    Aurangzeb father is displeased
    His sister was accidentally burned by her perfume. Aurangzeb arrived back home three weeks after the accident. Because he didn't arrive immediatly his father was very disappointed with him.
  • Expansion of the Empire

    Expansion of the Empire
    He dispatched his son with an army of 50,000 men to capture Bijapur Fort. At first his son couldn't do anything because of the cannons on both sites. Eight days in Aurangzeb arrived and soon after they became victiorious.
  • Aurangzeb died

    Aurangzeb died
    Lived to be 88 years old. Died in Ahmednagar. Outlived most of his children.