World War1

  • Francis Ferdinand was Assassinated

    Francis Ferdinand was Assassinated
    archduke francis and his wife were assassinated in sarajevo on the morning onf june 28 1914.
  • the Lusitania was sunk by a German u-boat

    the Lusitania was sunk by a  German u-boat
    At 1:40 pm the German u-boat launched a torpedo at the british ocean liner, known as the Lusitania.
  • Election Of 1916

    Election Of 1916
    In the election of 1916, Woodrow Wilson won this election. this election took place while Europe was a big part in world war 1. THe democrats theme for World War one was: "he kept us out of war".
  • Zimmerman Note

    Zimmerman Note
    The zimmerman note was a ninteen seventeen proposal from Germany to Mexico. It was sent to make war against the United States. The zimmerman note was ignored by Mexico, this angered the Americans very much!
  • Selective Service Act

    Selective Service Act
    THe selective service act of ninteen seventeen was passed by congress of the United States. It was for men and women at a young age to go to World War one. All males between the ages of twenty one and thirty was required to sign up for the millitary service.
  • War Industry Board!

    War Industry Board!
    The war industry Board was a United States government agency,that was established on July twenty eighth, ninteen seventeen. This board of war industry was created during the world war one. It was made to help coordinate and purchase war supplies.
  • The Rusiian Revolution

    The Rusiian Revolution
    The Russian Revolution led to the creation of the Soviet Union. During this time period we had a Provisional Government, but they replaced it with a Communist Government.
  • Fourteen Points

    Fourteen Points
    The fourteen points were first made by Woodrow Wilson, in a speech.Wilsons speech was the one that he gave to the American Congress in January of 1918. A few of the points of he "fourteen points" was: free navigation of seas, no more secret agreements, and countries need to reduce the amount of weapons they use.
  • esppionage and sedition act

    esppionage and sedition act
    the espionage act is a united states federal law. it was soon made shortly after the World War 1. the sedition act restricted any public opinion of the U.S War effort.
  • Schneck vs. United States

    Schneck vs. United States
    this was a supreme court case that upheld the Espionage Act of 1917. THis court case established the "clear and present danger" test. Schneck was responsible for the printing and distributing of mail to the millitary men and of the world war one
  • Armistice Signed.

    Armistice Signed.
    The Armistice was signed at 11 o clock. the Armistice was signed
    in a little town in france, called Redonthes. The signing of the armistice, ended the war.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    the Treaty of Versailles was a settlement that was signed after world war one. The treaty was signed at the versailles palace, near paris. The treaty of Versailles solved many question and wonderings.