World war two

  • Saturday surprises

    Saturday surprises
    Hitlers first Saturday surprise was that in "defense" he was going to rebuild the air force. He rebuilt the air force, reinstating the draft, and rearming the nation. He said that it was for defence he said in a speach that there should not be war and for whoever starts the war is just brining choas.
  • German troops enter Austria

    German troops enter Austria
    When Germany entered Austria no one tried to help them. People thought that Austria was not worth fighting for. Most did not think that next would be Czechoslovakia. But Winston Churchill warned them but no one wanted to listen. So on they went and next was Czechoslovakia.
  • Hitler turns to Czechoslovakia

    Hitler goes to czech because in western czech there are 3 million german speakers. With support from the Nazi the asked to be joined with the Reich and Hiler decided he would meet those demands. Czech turned to ther allies for help but no one did.
  • Hitler says countries Hypocritical

    Hitler says countries Hypocritical
    Hitler tells the reichstag that other countries have been hypocritical in telling them they were wrong in mistreating Jews.He told them that they are doing the sam as other countries. They also said that they are the pure race so they can do that and made up many more diffrent excuses.
  • Hitler declares war on Poland

    Hitler declares war on Poland
    Hitler dressed concerntration camp prisinors up in polish army uniforms and put them on the polish boarder. Then they pretended they were attaking germany and then germany killed them. They then used this to say that poland was attacking them so they could declare war on them without them being at fault.
  • Poland surrenders

    Poland surrenders
    After poland surrendered Germany moved in right away and called the new territory, Warthegau. He put the rest of poland under the rule of Hans Frank. Then they deported millions of pollish people; and Jews. Poles had to follow the rules hitler set such as Germans have to be served first in shops but they were not allowed to say heil hitler.
  • Period: to

    nazi takes over the west

    During this time the Nazi had conquered the entire west except for britain. In April they conquered Denmark and norway. Then in early may they had conquered Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. By june even France had fallen into the hands of Germany. Then it was Britain to fight for it self while the conquered nations tried to form governments in-exile in London.
  • Germany invades Russia

    Hitler ordered Russia to be taken over once and for all. As they invade for ss units followed behind them. Each unit was to be sent to a differnet place in Russia. Unit A was in the north, B in the centural russian front, C in northern Ukraine, and D in soutthern Ukraine.They were ordered to kill anyone considered what Hitler declared an enemy of the state. Killings that happened before the invation became much more routine.
  • Period: to

    U.S enters war

    The united states declares war on Japan after they had bomed pearl harbor. Then becuase Germany and japan were allies japan asked Germany for support against america and on December 11 germany declared war on america. Because japan had provoked america in declaring war Germany could have sed no but hitler was quick to say yes and join in the war.