World War Two

  • Night of the long Knives

    Night of the long Knives
    Hitlet killed many people that were against him so many learn to follow him.
  • A 'New Order' Forms

    A 'New Order' Forms
    Germany and Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact, which Italy signs in 1937. Their alliance is known as 'Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis'.
  • The USA Directly Threatened

    The USA Directly Threatened
    Japan attacks the US gunboat Panay and three other American ships near Nanking China. President Roosevelt appeals to congress for more military funding
  • Austria Annexed

    Hitler summons Austria's chanellor, Kurt Von Schuschnigg and informs him that in has no choice but to join him.
  • Skirmish on the Korean Border

    The Japanese and soviet troops threaten to cause war between these two nations. a truce ends the conflict.
  • The Munich Crisis

    The Sudeten Party pushes for a union with Hitler's Germany. Hitler summons representatives from Britain, France and Munich to decide the matter.
  • Night of Broken Glass

    In the night jews are attacked by Germans. 30000 sent to concentration camps. jews are made to pay compensation the non-jews.
  • Italian expansion

    The Italian Army continues its aggression by invading and occupying Albania
  • German - Russia Expansion

    Longtime enemies Germany and Russia sign the German-soiet non-aggression pact. Germany invades Poland eight days later, while the soviets plan invasions on the east side of Poland.
  • War Is Declared

    Honouring its pledge to protest Poland, England declares war on Germany.France does as well.a few hours later Australia follows suit. 1 April france Pledges to protect Poland