World War II: Western Front 1939-1944

  • Germany leaves Society of Nations

    Germany leaves Society of Nations
    The League's goals included:
    ·Preventing wars (collective security and disarmament)
    ·Settling international disputes (negotiation and arbitration)
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor

    Hitler becomes Chancellor
    Of Germany.
  • Invasion of Saar

    Invasion of Saar
    By Germany.
    ·Because of the coal mine and iron deposits.
  • Invasion of Rhineland

    Invasion of Rhineland
    By Germany
  • Spanish Civil War

    Spanish Civil War
    ·Hitler allied with Mussolini and helped Franco.
    ·Good moment to test military equipment in Guernica.
  • Invasion of Poland

    Invasion of Poland
    By Germany.
  • Operation Weserübung

    Operation Weserübung
    ·By Germany
    ·Invasion of Denmark & Norway
    ·Because of the resources
  • Invasion of Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg & France

    Invasion of Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg & France
    By Germany
  • Battle of Dunkerque

    Battle of Dunkerque
  • Vichy Regime

    Vichy Regime
    France division
    ·North: Germany
    ·South: France (against german invasion)
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    ·Hitler wanted to destroy the English navy, but Britain won.
    ·Consequence: bombing of British cities to break their morale and force the government to make peace.
  • Lightning War

    Lightning War
    Use of tanks, aircrafts and paratroops to achieve rapid movement and CRUSH THE ENEMY IN AS LITTLE TIME AS POSSIBLE
  • Landing of Normandy

    Landing of Normandy
    ·Led by General Eisenhower
    ·Purpose: Liberation of France
  • Paris liberation

    Paris liberation
  • The Allies defeated Germany

    Because Germany surrendered.