World War II (US History)

  • German Revolution

    The German revolution (also known as the Novermber revolution) began in 1918.It happened in the german empire at the end of the first war. it reesulted in the replacement of germany's imperial government with a republic.
  • Kapp Putsch fail

    In 1920 the failed Kapp Putsch takes place against the German government. The Kapp Putsch was an event that was aimed to overthrow the Weimar Republic.
  • Treaties are Signed

    The U.S. German Peace Treaty and the U.S. Austrian Peace Treaty are signed, marking the formal end of the state of war between the two states
  • Benito Mussolini becomes Prime Minister of Italy

    Benito Mussolini is appointed Prime Minister of Italy. He led the facist Party and turned Italy into a Facist country.
  • Russian Civil War ends

    The Russian Civil War (ongoing since 7 November 1917) ends in Bolshevik victory with the defeat of the last White forces in Siberia.
  • Hitler goes to Jail

    Adolf Hitler is sentenced to 5 years in jail for his participation in the Beer Hall Putsch (but he only serves 8 months)
  • Soviet Union leader dies

    Leader of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin dies. Joseph Stalin begins purging rivals to clear the way for his leadership.
  • Treaty of Berlin

    The Treaty of Berlin is signed by Germany and the Soviet Union, which declares neutrality if either country is attacked within the next five years.
  • Germany joins league of nations

    in 1926 Germany joins the league of nations
  • Chinese Civil War

    The Chinese Civil War begins between nationalists and communists.
  • Jinan Incident

    The Jinan Incident begins, a limited armed conflict between the Republic of China and Japan.
  • Japans Army seizes China

    The Japanese Army seized teh town of Manchuria, China. Under japanese control, manchuria was one of the most brutally run regions in the world
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor

    German President Hindenberg appoints Hitler as Chancellor and ousting Von Scleichler.
  • Germany Leaves the League of Nations

    In 1933 Germany left the League of Nations
  • The invasion of Ethiopia

    Italy invades Ethiopia, beginning the Second Italo–Abyssinian War
  • 2nd London Naval Treaty

    The Second London Naval Treaty is signed by the United Kingdom, United States, and France. Italy and Japan each declined to sign this treaty.
  • Hitler Youth

    Hitler makes it mandatory for all males between the ages 10-18 to join the Hitler Youth
  • Nanjing, China is attacked

    Japan's army attacks the city of Nanjing, China. They massacre a quarter of a million people.
  • Munich Pact Signed

    The munich Pact is signed by Adolf Hitler and the Prime Minister. This gave the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia to Germany.
  • Fall Weiss

    Adolf Hitler orders the German military to start planning for Fall Weiss, the codename for the attack on Poland, planned to be launched on August 25, 1939.