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World War II: Bystander View

  • Hitler's Army Invades Poland

    Two million Jews feel into German "care". Conquerers entertained themselves by cutting off Jewish men's beards and making them do "gymnastics". After, they robbed and beat them as torture.
  • Period: to

    Important Dates of the Holocaust

  • President Sends a Letter to the National Defense Council

    The letter stated: Because markets for forty percent of the normal exports of Latin america have been lost due to war, there is grave danger that in some of these countries economic and political deterioration may proceed to a point where defense of the western hemisphere woiuld be rendered much more difficult and costly.
  • Yugoslavia

    Yugoslav-Soviet treaty of friendship and non-aggression signed at Moscow. Germany attacked Yougoslavia and Greece and Hitler declares war on Yugoslavia.
  • A Quote From "War and Rememberance"

    "Hitler's phantom “Fortress Europe,” a pure propaganda bluff, began to crumble visibly in July 1943, when the Red Army smashed our big summer offensive at Kursk, the Anglo-Americans landed in Sicily, and Mussolini fell. These disasters stemmed straight from Hitler's two most colossal and pigheaded blunders: Stalingrad and Tunis. When I returned from my inspection trip to Tunis I told Hitler that Rommel was right, that our successes against the green American soldiers at ..."
  • Italy Surrenders

    On September 8, 1943, Italy surrendered, and this event had a profound influence on Yugoslav affairs. The several contending military forces were irregularly disposed throughout the country on that date. The Partisans had survived the Fifth Offensive and gained the mountains of northeastern Bosnia in July. In August, they actually drove the Germans from some Bosnian strongholds, such as Jajce. [Edit]