World War II Begins

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    The Path to War

  • The Austrian Anschluss

    Hitler threatened to invade German-speaking Austria unless Nazis were given important government posts.
  • Hitler Invades

    Hitler Invades
    Hitler sent troops into Austria and unified Germany and Austria.
  • The Munich Conference

    The Munich Conference
    Britain and France agreed to Hitler's demand to unify Germany with the Sudentenland of Czechoslovakia. The policy was know as appeasment, a settlement in exchange for peace.
  • Hitler Demands Danzig

    Hitler demands the Polish city of Danzig, which was more than 90% German
  • Hitler Invades

    Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and divide the country because the fragile peace failed.
  • Britain and France Respond

    Britain and France announce that if Poland goes to war, then they will come to their aid.
  • Hitler Prepares Polish Invasion

    Hitler ordered his military to prepare to invade Poland and to start negotiations with the USSR
  • Germany and USSR Pact

    A nonaggression pact was signed by Germany and the USSR that shocked the world. The pact was signed to protect the USSR and to allow Germany to fight against only the British and French. The pact also divided Poland between the Germans and Soviet Union.
  • Germany Attacks Poland

    Germany attacked Poland.
  • War is Declared

    Britain and France declare war on Germany. World War II began.
  • Germans Succeed

    Warsaw, the Polish capital, fell to the Gemans
  • The Germans Defeat

    The Polish military is defeated by the Germans.
  • Hitler's New Blitzkreig: The Invasion of Western Europe

    Hitler launced a new blitzkreig against Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. The French and British were outflanked by the Germans when Hitler sent his army through the Ardennes mountains. These were lightly fortified, which allowed the Germans to take over northern France to the English Channel.
  • The Miracle at Dunkirk

    The Miracle at Dunkirk
    An estimated 338,000 troops were rescued from Dunkirk after being trapped by German soldiers. The evacuation was called, "Operation Dynamo". Most of the equipment was left: 90,000 rifles, 7,000 tons of ammo, 120,000 vehicles.
  • Churchill's Speech to Parliment

    Churchill's Speech to Parliment
    Churchill vowes to never surrender. This speech was made to rally the British people and draw America into helping Britain.
  • The French Defeated

    The German's accept French defeat on the same railcar as that the Ge.rmans surrendered to the French after WWI
  • Germany Attacks British Shipping

    The German air force, the Luftwaffe, attacked British ships traveling through the English Channel.
  • The Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain
    The German air force then launced an all out offensive on the Royal Air Force. The air battle lasted until the fall of 1940 and was known as the Battle of Britain.
  • London Bombed

    London Bombed
    Germany accidently bombed London which was followed up by an attack on Berlin by the British. Hilter then concentrated his attacks on London not military instilations.
  • Hitler Cancels Invasion

    Britian's defiance, and Germany's heavy losses, led Hitler to procalim that he will not invade Britain.
  • Period: to

    America Enters World War II