World War II

  • Zionism

    Zionism is a movement where Jewish people search for native land in Palestine. this is relivent because this was what jews had to go through durring WWI & WWII
  • Shoah

    The Shoah claimed six million Jews and two million other individuals the Nazis deemed undesirable, Another name for the holocaust the genocide Germans committed before and during WW2. this is relivent because this is why we started WWII
  • Blitzkrieg

    when hitlar invaded poland this is relivent because this helped hitlar win many battles in the war.
  • Theater of War

    The entire land, sea, and air area that may become or is directly involved in war operations. this was important because this was like the command center of the war
  • Pearl Harbor

    when the japaneese bombed the hawaii island of Oahu this was relivent because It caused the most powerful industrial nation in the world to enter the war
  • Internment

    where the majority of Japanese Americans lived, outside of Hawaii. this was relivent because the US Government wanted to make sure none that of no Japanese-Americans could contact their homeland and tell them what their battle plan was
  • Operation Overlord

    the operation that launched the invasion of German-occupied western Europe during World War II by Allied forces. this is relivent because it was the turning of the tide along the western front. As you can see it ended well with the liberation of france's capital.
  • United Nations

    International organization created in 1945 to settle problems between nations and form peace. this is relivent because this is how we ended the war between Germany
  • Nuremberg Trials

    Trials that took place in Nuremberg, Germany in 1945 regarding war crimes done by important well-known Nazis this was relivent because this reminds us of WWII