World War II

By suwaley
  • Selective Service & Training Act

    Selective Service & Training Act
    The first peacetime conscription in US history. This required men aged 18 to 45 to enter the war. The men were selected via lottery & were required to serve 12 months.
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    World War II

  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    The Japanese attacked the US without warning.Japanese plane droppd bombs all over america's naval base. they destoryed planes shipes but, missed their target; the rebuild station wher sti;; entact and most ships or planes were damaged not destroyed. The US lost 2,335 serviceman while the Japnese only lost 65.
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  • Period: to


  • Declartion Of War

    Declartion Of War
    After the attack on Pearl Harbor , President Franklin D. Roosevelt made a speech addresing the nation. In this speech he annoced that the US will declare war on Japan. This marked Americas entrance in World War II.
  • Executive Order 9066

    Executive Order 9066
    The president authorizes Japanese relocation. Any person of Japanese descent in the western part of the United States were captured and sent to one of five prison camps. THe US did this in fear that the japanese american were spys and could set up a sneak attack on us.
  • Bataan Death March

    Bataan Death March
    After the Phillipines surrenred the Japanes made them walk 70 miles from Marieveves to Fernado. Almost te thousand troop died on the march whic was called the Bataan Death March.
  • Dolittle Raids

    Dolittle Raids
    Led by colonel James H. Dolittle, the U.S. launched an attack on Japan from an aircraft carrier named Hornet. The raid boosted American and allied morale.
  • Battle Of Midway

    Battle Of Midway
    Before this battle the Japanese were on the offensive taking territory thoroughout Asia & the Pacific. the Japanese were planing to seize Midway island but, was surprise by the U.S. The Japnese lost four aircraft carriers; and the Japanese went on the defense for the rest of the war.
  • Battle Of Monte Cassino

    Battle Of Monte Cassino
    The Monte Casino blocked the Allies the course north to Rome. After a long battle the monstrasy, was destroyed and the allies contuied their route to italy.
  • D Day

    D Day
    This term refers to the day the U.S landed in Normany to face Germany at their Fortress Europe. After losing over two thousand soldiers the U.S broke through Germany's pilbox frontline and contuied on the Fortress Europe.
  • Battle Of The Bulge

    Battle Of The Bulge
    Before American soldiers could cross Rhine River Germany launched a counteroffensive. In the biggest and bloodiest battle american soldiers fought they lost 80,000 soldiers. With america's large numbers the U.S withstood Germany's last stand and marched on.
  • V-E Day(Victory in Europe Day)

    V-E Day(Victory in Europe Day)
    On this day German general Jodi signed the surrender document that formally ended war in europe.
  • Hiroshima & Nagaski

    Hiroshima & Nagaski
    U.S launched a massive atomic weapon against Japan in Hiroshima. The Japanese didn't have time to react because 3 days later America dropped atomi bomb "fat man" in Nagasaki. This bomb destroyed 40 percent of Nagaski.
  • V-J Day

    V-J Day
    Japan had surrendered to the Allies ending WW2 and giving victory to the Allies.