20th Century History

  • Assasination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand

    A key event which led to Austria- Hungary declaring war
  • Period: to

    World War I

  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

    This marks the official beginning of the first world war. Leading to many key events.
  • Germany declares war on Russia

    Germany decalres war on Russia as Russia decalred war on Austria because they are allies with Serbia. Germany is an ally of Austria.
  • Germany declares war on France

    Germany declared war on France because they had gone on german territory.
  • Germany declares war on Belgium, Britain declares war on Germany

    Britain declares war on Germany after Germany takes action to invade France. When Britain decalres war, Canada automatically is in the war as well.
  • Battle of the Fronteirs

    27,000 french soldiers killed
  • Canadian troops set sail

    Canadian troops will send 30,000 soldiers as requested from Britain
  • Second Ypres Battle

    This was the first major involvement in the war for the canadians
  • Festubert

    Canadians suffered terrible casualitites
  • Battle of Verdun

    Longest lasting battle in the war. Estimated to have one million casualities.
  • United states enters war

    The USA enters the wat on April 6 1917 after Germany threatens their commercial shipping, before America was a neutral country
  • Germany surrenders

    End of World war I
  • Waves of Influenza

    In the years 1918-1919 there was the wave of Influenza which was believed to have killed more people than the war
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty is signed by allliances: Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Russia
  • German government resigns

    The german government resigns as he refuses to sign the treaty. A new one is appointed and signs it.
  • Land taken away from Germany

    The treaty of Versailles included that Germany was to give up its land, as well as Austria-Hungary. This happened shortly afer the treaty was signed.
  • Canadians return home from war

  • League of Nations is created

    This organization was to control the nations and make sure a great war like this one was to not occur again.
  • Unknown Warrior

    The unknown warrior from Britain is buried in London. The unknown soldier from Canada is not found and buried until the year 2000.
  • Germany to pay for the war

    in 1921, it was agreed by the allies that germany would pay for the costs of the war monthly, summing up to a total of 6,600 million euros.
  • Russian Civil War ends

    The war ends and the Bolsheviks, Lenin and Trotsky are in charge.
  • Stock Market Crash- Great Depression begins

  • Adolf Hitler named Chancellor of Germany

    This is when Hitler first comes to real power and eventually leads to the second war.
  • Mussolini invades Ethiopia

    Mussolini invades Ethiopia
  • Neutrality Act is signed

    Neutrality Act is signed
    Roosevelt signs Neutrality Act
  • Japan defeats China

    Japan defeats China in battle taking over Northern area of China
  • Mussolini decides to join Hitler

    Mussolini decides to join Hitler
    Leader of Italy decides to fight alongside Hitler
  • Hitler Promises Peace

    Hitler Promises Peace
    Hitler promises to not invade Czechoslovakia.
  • Kristallnacht

    Many Jew business are destoryed, 100 Jews murdered. Tens of thousands are transported to concentration camps.
  • Hitler takes over Czechoslovakia

    Despite promising there would be no more violence, Hitler conquers it.
  • Nonaggression Act

    Nonaggression Act
    Hitler and Stalin sign the nonagression act
  • Second World War Begins

    Second World War begins with Germay invading Poland
  • Period: to

    World War II

  • Britain and France declare war

    Britain and France declare war
    Britain and France declare war 2 days after Germany invades Poland.
  • Hitler siezes neutral ciuntries

    Hitler siezes neutral ciuntries
    Hitler takes control over neutral countries including Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg
  • Germany defeats France

    Germany defeats France
    Germany defeats France's forces and Britain forces retreat.
  • Germany invades the Soviet Union

    Germany invades the Soviet Union
    Despite the Peace Treaty, Germany invades the Soviet Union while struggling to take control over Moscow
  • Soviet Union traps Germany

    Soviet Union traps Germany
    Soviet Union captures armies that invaded them
  • D-Day

    Troops of 3 million arrive on the northern shores of France. Countries include Canada, Unites States, and Britain.
  • Hitler commits suicide

    Hitler commits suicide
    Hitler kills himself, the nest day Germany surrenders
  • United States defeats Japan

    United States defeats Japan
    America finally defeats Japan after may disputes
  • World War II ends

    World War II ends