World War 2 Timeline

  • Period: to

    World War 2

  • Hitler Becomes Recognized

    Hitler takes over the Nazi party and becomes their leader. Many of the Nazis get themselves elected into the Reich, waiting for the opportunity to get HItler to a major political standing. This goal is reached twelve years later.
  • Benito Mussolini Gains Power

    Benito Mussolini won the hearts of Italians by promising to fix up Roma (Rome) the heart of Italy. The economic state of things drive people to vote for him and his very tantalizing promises for a better economy and standard of living.
  • Stalin Becomes Dictator

    Josef Stalin became dictator of the USSR in Soviet Russia. This gave him the highest amount of political and military power a man could posses.
  • Hitler Gains Power

    Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany. This marks the beginning of the formation of the Third Reich and Hitler's personal army. Although he did not get along with the man in charge, Paul von Hindenburg, he was sworn in anyway.
  • The Death of Hindenburg

    Paul von Hindenburg died on August 2nd, 1934. This put Hitler and the Nazi party in top authority of Germany. He and his cohorts made a bill allowing the offices of Chancellor and President to become united. This left Hitler in ultimate dictatorship over the country of Germany.
  • Neutrality Act Passed in US

    The United States passed the Neutrality Act, hopefully to avoid entering the Earupoean war. Unfortuantely, after the bombing o Pearl Harbor, we were dragged in anyway.
  • The Rhinelands

    Hitler, against the Treaty of Versaille, sends troops to occupy the French Rhinelands. The remilitarization
  • Italian Invasions

    The Italian army moves into Ethiopa and North Africa at the command of Mussolini.
  • Sudetendlands are given to Germany

    To appease HItler, the Sudetendlands were given to him. The Americans and British thought that this would keep him pacified and hopefully keep them out of the war for the time being.
  • The Pact

    Hitler and Stalin sign the Nazi-Soviet pact stating that neither country will attack the other. This is a shock to the world since Russia and Germany (Hitler and Stalin) have never really been on good terms with each other. Attacks were almost expected.
  • Germany Attacks

    Germany invaded Poland on this day. Both Poland and France declared war on Germany. Thus was the beginning of World War 2.
  • The Takeover Begins

    The Nazis attack and take control of Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Luxembourg. This signifies the beginning of the European takeover by the Nazi party: led by Hitler.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It was a U.S. naval and airbase and the Japanese saw it as a large threat to their forces or plans. By disabling the American trrops, they thought that they could gain control. Many people feared that the Japanese would invade Hawaii and take it over.
  • Mussoli Surrunders

    Italy surrenders to the Allied forces and Mussolini is dismissed as the Prime Minister.
  • Zoot Suit Riots

    The white militarymen thought that the flashy over-use of cloth worn by Latino-Americans was just a waste. They finally snapped and began rioting in the streets, beating many Latino teenagers who wore the Zoot Suits.
  • Paris Retaken

    Paris is liberated by Allie forces after the D-Day Landing and many months of fighting.
  • V-E Day in Europe

    Europe wins the battle against Germany as the country surrenders and Hitler dies (suicide in a bunker).
  • FDR Dies

    FDR died of a stroke, forcing Harry S. Truman to become president. He had very little clue about any of the war efforts and had to be educated quickly. He also learned of Projects that were secreted away from the American Public.
  • Atomic Bombs

    President Truman signed the paper. Now all we had to do was drop the first Atomic Bomb. And we did, in Hiroshima, Japan. It had a death toll of over 130,000 people and caused major damage to the city.
  • V-J Day!

    Victory in America as the Japanese surrender to the Allied forces. Americans celebrate the end of another tragic war.