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World War 2 Time and Events

  • Invasion of Manchuria

    Invasion of Manchuria
    Japan invasion Manchuria is an economic and political move by the Japanese army. Japan fell into a depression and it's diplomats lost faith from the Japanese people. While the military branch of the Japanese government is growing stronger and was willing to take territory. So they decide to invade Manchuria and the the countries beside China didn't care for the invasion of Manchuria.
  • China falls to Japan

    China falls to Japan
    China is fighting with Japan and gets overwhelm from advance technology that the Japanese brought with them. This is stopped from the economic support from other countries (Soviet Union, USA and even Germany) and guerrilla tactics that the Chinese implemented slowed down the Japanese. The war reach a stalemate because of the stretch lines that the Japanese own and was not be able to control all of the territory that they own.
  • Period: to

    WW2 time

    Beginning and ending of WW2
  • Blitzkrieg into Poland

    Blitzkrieg into Poland
    Germany invades Poland from one side and Russia from the other. Hitler was able to convince Stalin to ally with him to invade Poland. German use a new tactic called Blitzkrieg against Poland in a month and 5 days. Blitzkrieg is the tactical use of tanks and motorized infantry to overcome an area with the support of air power. This help by the new FM radios they brought from America to make the whole thing possible. Poland didn't have a great technological military to take on Germany and USSR.
  • Battle of the Atlantic

    Battle of the Atlantic
    The Battle of the Atlantic is fight of the Kreigsmarine vs the US, Britain, Canada USSR navies. This campaign was for the shipment of goods to the USSR and Britain who were desperate for supplies which was made dangerous from the new submarine war. The Kreigsmarine implemented a new tactic "Wolf Pack" which group the submarine to attack the convoys . This was made effective with the battery power torpedo which did not leave a bubble trail. This is counter by numbers and sonar.
  • Dunkirk

    The evacuation from Dunkirk is the British soldiers going back to England in whatever vehicle that can go in. This is because of the Germans breaking through the fortified positions of the French and beating the French military from the new tactics of Blitzkrieg. Without the evacuation Britain would be in danger of a land invasion.
  • German invasion of France

    German invasion of France
    Germany invade France with speed and brutal efficiency with the new tactics of Blitzkrieg. The Germans went through Belgium and cross into France over the Maginot line. France and Britain was caught off guard and use WW1 tactics with the tanks as the support and not a important weapon for the military. Germans on the other hand use it as the main offense weapons which storm through France in 4 weeks.
  • The Battle of Britain/The Blitz

    The Battle of Britain/The Blitz
    The Battle of Britain was the Luftwaffe and the Royal air force for the dominance in the air over Britain. Germany was bombing Britain for military and civilian targets. The Germans have more planes than the British but the British have better planes and sonar to counter the massive amount of air power that the Germans were putting out. The spitfire can fly faster and turn tighter than the ME-109 in high attitude where the bombers go on.
  • Philippines 1942

    Philippines 1942
    The Philippines in 1942 is when the Japanese invaded the island and took control of the Philippines from the Americans. The overwhelming force of the Japanese military force the Americans to retreat. This is a letdown for the U.S. The thousands of Philippines and America troops are capture and MacArthur have to retreat from the island.
  • Germany takes Greece

    Germany takes Greece
    The Greeks join the allies when Italy declare war on them. Britain was already helping Greece to fight Italy. The Greeks made a counter-attack which defeated the Italians and their attacks on the country. Germany later help Italy and flank the allies and made the country surrender. The British retreated and was able to retreat to North Africa and defeat the Axis over there later in the war.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The attack on Pearl Harbor is a part of a Japanese push to defeat the US before they can be a big threat to the Japanese Empire. The attack have been planned. 6 carriers carried out the attack and sunk or damage many planes and large warships. The structure that makes up the port that were necessary for the military base was not attacked. The attack miss the 3 aircraft carrier
  • New Guinea

    New Guinea
    New Guinea was the point of attack from the Japanese to get the Australians. This is a failed campaign for the Japanese because most of the Japanese died from starvation and disease. The Japanese invasion was too far to be supported since of the Americans and Australians force surrounding the area. The Americans didn't really try to invade the entire island for the island hopping campaign so the Japanese stay there from the invasion to their surrender.
  • Bataan (battle and march)

    Bataan (battle and march)
    The Bataan Death march is the march for the defeated Americans and Filipino troops.Around 60,000-80,000 troops walk the march with 5,000 to 18,000 deaths from the Japanese abusing the troops on the 60 mile march. This is considered a war crime.
  • Doolittle Raid

    Doolittle Raid
    The Doolittle Raid is a "bombing" on Tokyo and other places with the agenda to raise morale for their own troops and cause doubt for the Japanese civilian. The bombing was done by B-25 on an aircraft carrier and was sent to bomb Tokyo and go to the Chinese control area which is like a suicide mission. The attack deliver almost "no damage" but cause great panic in the Japanese and America media. This later cause the Battle of Midway to occur.
  • Coral Sea

    Coral Sea
    The Battle of the Coral Sea was the first battle in which aircraft carrier was involved. The battle is to see who can control the sea and take over the islands surrounding Australia. The battle was mostly fought in the air by the two carriers. The battle was a success by the Japanese to sink one US carrier but wasn't able to invade the islands and later after Midway the control of the sea is firmly in America hands.
  • Midway

    The Battle of Midway was the turning point for the war in the pacific. The Japanese wanted to get the Midway Islands to attack Hawaii and convince America to not go to war with Japan. The battle is an ambushed committed by the United States back on the Japanese carrier and sink all 4 fleet carriers that they brought because the Japanese carrier couldn't sustain damage from bombs or torps. The battle was a total US victory and from this point on the Japanese is on the defensive.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    Operation Barbarossa was an attack on the Soviet Union and breaking the treaty they have with them. This is because the Germans were using a lot of oil from the Soviets and hated the Russians because they were communist. So they decided to invade Russia for their resources and was pretty successful in the first part of the invasion. Hitler decisions and the winters made the invasion a failure and very costly to the German military which is force into retreat.
  • Guadalcanal

    Guadalcanal is the first major offensive of the Americans for the island hopping campaign. Guadalcanal is a long and costly battle for the Americans but teach great lessons on how to fight on islands and in the jungle.
  • El Alamein (2nd battle of)

    El Alamein (2nd battle of)
    The second battle of El Alamein was the turning point in the war in North Africa. Rommel was sick so another general was appointed to take over the forces. This is also reinforce by the fact that the allies have almost twice the force from the allies. Montgomery went forward and trap the German forces by breaking through the mine fields. After this battle the Germans were no longer able to get the Middle East oil fields and retreat back towards Europe.
  • Operation Torch

    Operation Torch
    Operation Torch is the America and British plan to invade North Africa and force the Germans to retreat back to Europe and reduce pressure for the Soviets.The Americans and British force back the Germans from North Africa and keep the oil in the Middle East safe.
  • Stalingrad

    Stalingrad is the bloodiest battle in the history of the world. The battle is decision made by Hitler to wipe Stalin city name from the face of the world. This lead the battle of Stalingrad and the street fighting of Stalingrad made this battle long and bloody for both sides. The battle is Russia victory from surrounding and cutting of the Germans by a counter attack.
  • Kursk

    Kursk is the largest tank battle in history. The Germans wanted to defeat a large amount of soviet at the Kursk salient. The Russia was inform ahead of time by the British which the Russians made fortifications to make any attack hard to penetrate. The pincer attacks have been stop by the Russians and included the Battle of Prokhorovka. From this point on the Germans will retreat from the Eastern Front.
  • Sicily

    Sicily is the Americans and British plan to get into Italy and knock the Italians out of the fight and get into Europe. The invasion have gone well and Mussolini have been executed by it's own people. However Germany takes over the rest of Italy and prevent the allies to advance further into Italy.
  • Salerno

    Salerno was the landing of mainland Italy. The landing was successful and got half of Italy out of the war. But attack was slow down by the huge mountains that Italy have and the allies have to attack France next to launch a new faster front.
  • Gilbert & Marshall Islands

    Gilbert & Marshall Islands
    The Gilbert and Marshall Islands are part of the Island hopping campaign of the Americans to reach Japan. The lessons from Guadalcanal made the landing much easier. The Americans are not going to capture every island out there, only the ones they need.
  • Anzio

    Anzio was the battle in which to get the capital of Italy, Rome and bring an end to Italy. They capture Rome but got stuck on the mountains and didn't advance further where the Germans have control.
  • D-Day

    D-Day for Europeans is the landings of Normandy France. The main German defenses was a Belgium where Hitler though the allies was going to land but was fool by British operation of Double Cross and the landings are successful even thou the battle is bloody from the beach fortifications.
  • Guam

    Guam was another island hopping battle and it ended with American victory. The island have been cut of from supplies and the Japanese ran out of supplies and retreat to the end of the island. The island was for the bombing of mainland Japan with B-29 bombers.
  • Operation Dragoon

    Operation Dragoon
    Operation Dragoon was the landing of Southern France. The landings were highly successful from air superiority and French resistance. They were able to liberate Southern France and deal huge loss towards the German army.
  • Philippines 1944-45

    Philippines 1944-45
    The Philippines in 1944-1945 is the America campaign of the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the sight of the biggest naval battle and the morale boost of the Americans in recapture the Philippines.
  • Battle of Leyte Gulf

    Battle of Leyte Gulf
    The Battle of Leyte Gulf is the largest battle in naval history. The Japanese are planning to distrub the landings of the Philippines but the US force block the attacks even though there was a decoy in motion to bring out the fleet carriers.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    The Battle of the Bulge was Hitler last effort to bring the Western front to a close and work back on the Russians. The Germans made a huge bulge in the middle of the forces in order to capture the supply routes of the allies and force them to surrender. This did not happen from the counter attack from Patton and the defense of Bastogne.
  • Bastogne

    Bastonge is the city in which the Battle of the Budge was most focus on. The airborne division have been surrounded by the Germans and was release by Patton forces which ended the advance of the Germans.
  • Yalta Conference

    Yalta Conference
    The Yalta Conference was in which what to do with Europe and Japan. The conference is brought to the conclusion that Eastern Europe will be in Russia hands and the Soviet Union will attack Japan. This later haunt America which brought power to Russia and expansion of Communism.
  • Iwo Jima

    Iwo Jima
    Iwo Jima was another island hopping battle in which was another victory for the US.
  • Okinawa

    Okinawa is one of the bloodiest island hopping battle and is the base in which planes were bombing Japan and the sinking of Yamato.
  • Hitler’s Suicide

    Hitler’s Suicide
    Hitler's suicide was in a bunker by poison and a gun shot with the woman he love since Germany defeat was inevitable.
  • German Surrender

    German Surrender
    German surrender to the allies which split Germany with the British, French, Americans and Russia. This lead to further conflicts in the area in the Cold War.
  • Potsdam

    Potsdam was the conference in which to do with Japan and the future of the world. This lead to Russia fighting Japan even though they don't need to because of America's two atomic bombs. This lead to further conflicts in the future.
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the targets of the atomic bombs which change history. It proves the effectiveness of atomic bombs and that they can destroy the world. This later made Russia have their own nuclear test and have an arm race with America.
  • Japanese Surrender

    Japanese Surrender
    Japanese sign and unconditional surrender and ended the militaristic country of Japan. The help of America put Japan back into a economic power.